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How to Mow Your Lawn for a Healthier Lawn

The health of your lawn is dependent on many factors. Along with the soil, water, sunlight, and weed control, how you mow your lawn can have a huge effect. Unconsciously damaging your lawn with uninformed mowing techniques can be devastating and leave you confused. But with proper mowing, you can enjoy a green healthy lawn in any weather conditions.

Most People Mow to Short

undefinedYou should always mow your lawn on the highest setting. A lawn that is mowed short might look nice at first, but when you mow it too short it comprises the turf which will end up full of weeds or brown.  When you mow it tall, your grass is more drought-tolerant. Also, the grassroots grow up to 3 times the depth of the height, which means taller grass grows deeper roots. Experts recommend you mow your lawn at 2.5 - 3 inches tall

Mow Regularly

Never take more than 1/3 of the height off your lawn when you mow. This generally means you should be mowing once a week or more when the conditions are right for faster growth. If you cut more than 1/3 off, it will shock the plant and cause damage. Bonus: When you mow this frequently, you can do what is best for your lawn which is mulching the clippings and letting them disperse across the lawn to help hold in moisture and fertilize it naturally.

Mow in Different Patterns

Switching the pattern each time you mow keeps you from leaving streaks where your wheels roll each time. It also keeps the grass blades from getting pushed over in the same direction each time so that you can enjoy a better-looking, more effective mowing. 

Don't Mow When the Lawn is Wet

Mowing a wet lawn can spread disease and also makes it more difficult for the blades of grass to be cut consistently. Wait until your lawn dries before you mow it.

Keep Your Blades Sharp

When your lawnmower blades are dull, they rip or tear the grass blade, rather than cutting it. This pulls at the grass and can damage your lawn. You can look closely at the blades and see they are torn and white at the tips which makes your lawn look less green. You should sharpen your blades every 4-5 mowings. 

Make sure you are watering your lawn the precisely correct amount. Those who love a lush green lawn tend to over-water and cause themselves issues. Call Conserva today for the best sprinkler system service around. Our goal is to save water and save you money while creating the lushest green lawns in the Atlanta area.

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