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Is Your Sprinkler System Running in the Rain?

Toro Wireless Weather SensorAlpharetta sprinkler systems must meet codes as set forth by the State of Georgia. Georgia Code 12-5-6 states that any irrigation system installed after 2005 and using public water sources has to have a rain sensor shut-off switch. The switch is meant to override programming within the sprinkler controller so that when a specific amount of rain falls the system automatically shuts off.

It certainly makes sense; no one wants to pay for water when the much-needed rain is finally falling. Does your Alpharetta sprinkler system have a rain sensor or other smart irrigation sensor to meet this need?

At Conserva Irrigation of North Atlanta, we take rain sensors to a whole new level with multiple innovative sprinkler parts by Toro® Irrigation.

Smart Irrigation Controller

Starting with the Toro EVOLUTION® controller which taps into 40 years of weather data for your precise location to make strong predictions about your Alpharetta residential or commercial property’s current irrigation needs. More than just a timer, every detail about your property is programmed, and every sensor communicates with the controller to guarantee efficient Alpharetta irrigation.

Rain Sensor Deluxe

Next, the Toro ET sensor takes into account the current weather conditions. A rain sensor? Yes. But so much more. The ET sensor uses live temperature, solar measurements, and historical data to manage water usage. It automatically updates your EVOLUTION controller to make adjustments to programming seamlessly.

Soil Sensors for Increased Precision

Lastly, the Toro Precision™ Soil Sensor goes even further to measure the moisture in the soil across each of your sprinkler zones. As it happens, drainage, sun exposure, and soil vary greatly around each commercial or residential property. Your Alpharetta sprinkler system doesn’t have to fire each zone in sequence every time it runs. Some areas may stay in the shade of a building for months while getting direct afternoon sunlight during other times of the year. The Toro Precision Soil Sensor will sense the specific needs of each zone, sending a signal to the Toro EVOLUTION controller to NOT fire zones that do not need it.

Long-Term Efficiency with Alpharetta Smart Irrigation

While we might take the requirement for a rain sensor to the extreme, our goal is to make all Alpharetta irrigation systems as efficient as possible. Saving water saves you money and it just makes good sense. Call today (678) 921-3684 to receive a FREE Comprehensive sprinkler system inspection. We’ll make sure you have the required rain sensor while we locate improved efficiency prospects by diagnosing hidden leaks, broken sprinkler heads, misfiring zones, buried sprinkler heads, programming deficiencies and upgrade opportunities.

Contact us today and learn more about our irrigation services.