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What Is ET And How Does It Make My Sprinkler Controller Better?

Toro EVOLUTION® ControllerThe Toro EVOLUTION® Controller is the most advanced irrigation controller on the market. As a standalone controller, it can create a custom irrigation schedule based on the past 40 years’ weather data for your zip code. Basically, in this small box lies an “almanac” that helps predict your watering schedule by what has happened historically.

However, as climate change and other factors come into play, relying on historical data alone has become increasingly, well . . . unreliable. That’s where the magic of our water-saving add-on devices come in. Meet the Toro Wireless ET Weather Sensor.

What does ET stand for?

Toro Wireless Weather SensorTo most people, the term “ET” automatically evokes thoughts of cute, Reese’s Pieces-eating extraterrestrials who just want to phone home. While we at Conserva Irrigation love E.T. and Elliot as much as you do, that’s not what we’re referring to here.

For our purposes, “ET” stands for evapotranspiration. ET is the process of how water moves around the atmosphere by both evaporation from the earth and by the amount that plants “drink” from their roots in the soil to stay healthy. It gets confusing to some because ET is both a process and a measurement.

ET as a measurement is a complicated calculus equation that thankfully, the EVOLUTION Controller does for us when it gets data from the ET Weather Sensor.

When a Conserva Irrigation technician first designs and programs your irrigation system, there are many variables that he or she enters into the EVOLUTION controller to create the right watering schedule. These variables include soil type, slope, amounts of sun and shade, types of plant material found in each zone, and types of sprinkler heads used.

When you have a Toro Wireless ET Weather Sensor, it detects real-time weather data and sends it to your EVOLUTION Controller. The controller then takes that data, combined with the variables mentioned above that your Conserva Irrigation technician previously inputted, does some calculations, and then overrides any previously programmed watering schedule and customizes it for the current and upcoming conditions.

Toro Precision Soil SensorFor example, say the “almanac” inside your controller had determined that it would be best to water your lawn at 9:00 a.m. next Tuesday. But suddenly it’s 9:00 a.m. that Tuesday, and it’s raining. Your Toro Wireless ET Weather Sensor will already know that, and have sent that information back to the controller, which will override the previous schedule and not water at that time. Paired with the Toro Precision Soil Sensor, which detects moisture in the ground (not necessarily caused by rain) and sends that data back to the controller, you’re able to have the “smartest” irrigation system available.

To learn more about the Toro EVOLUTION Controller and how its add-on accessories like the Toro Wireless ET Weather Sensor and the Toro Precision Soil Sensor are the best option for your lawn, contact Conserva Irrigation of North Atlanta today at (678) 921-3684. You’ll be using less water and have the most beautiful lawn on the block!

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