How Can I Use Less Water on Landscaping In North Atlanta?

How Can I Use Less Water on Landscaping In North Atlanta?

undefinedUsing less water for your irrigation needs doesn't always have to involve your irrigation system design and programming. You can lower your irrigation water use with strategically designed, planted, and maintained landscaping. Here are a few of the best tips:

  1. Suitable plant choices: Consider sun, shade, soil type, dryness, and damp areas in your yard, use this information to choose plants or grass that will thrive in the climate and the chosen location on your property with less water.
  2. Mulch: Use 2 to 4 inches of mulch around plants, bushes, and trees to reduce evaporation and keep the soil temperatures consistent. This will help the soil stay moist and limit weed growth that will compete for the water.
  3. "Hydro-zone": Separate plants from grassy areas and group plants by similar watering needs. This will allow your plants to get the water they need without overwatering due to a nearby plant needing more water.
  4. Avoid summer planting: Plants need a great deal more water to get established in their new home. Plant your new trees, shrubs, flowers, and grass in the spring and fall.
  5. Grass alternatives: Consider ground cover, perimeter plants, or mulch for unusable areas where the grass is hard to grow such as steep slopes. Use grass where your family will be active and enjoy the space.
  6. Add shade trees: Trees provide more shade that lowers the air and soil temperature in the affected areas. This will reduce soil moisture loss, so your lawn will require less water.
  7. Yard Maintenance: If you keep up with regular yard maintenance your lawn will require less water, so keep it mowed, remove weeds and prune shrubbery.
  8. Keep soil healthy: Cultivate and fertilize soil when planting and aerate your lawn and trees at least once a year. These tasks will improve water penetration, moisture retention, and grow healthier plants that require less water.

Be sure to call Conserva Irrigation of North Atlanta for all of your sprinkler system needs. 678-671-2020 Remember, we can adjust your irrigation system for as much as 40% reduction in water usage.


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