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Water Conservation Tips

Suwanee Sprinkler Systems: Excessive Watering Can Damage Your Lawn

How much water is too much water for my Suwanee lawn and landscape?

Every yard and lawn is different. We take into consideration the soil composition, sun exposure, and drainage factors to determine the precise amount of water needed for your Suwanee yard. One of our three core values keeps us focused on responsible water usage, in that irrigation should only use what is needed and not a drop more.

In our daily operations, we most often come across Suwanee sprinkler systems using too much water. They can have old controllers that are inefficient, sprinkler heads too big for the coverage area, lack of rain sensors, lack of soil sensors or other innovative irrigation system parts. Sometimes over-watering can be caused by a needed repair or an ill-designed irrigation system.

What’s wrong with using too much water on my lawn?

Lake Lanier is experiencing low water levels, drought has become constant and consistent in Suwanee, and there are water restrictions that could easily become outright water bans that would be inconvenient for us all. Water conservation is important as fresh water is a limited resource.

If that doesn’t influence your decisions, we have a few economic incentives for you to consider:

  1. Overwatering your Suwanee lawn can lead to excessively high water bills that are unnecessary.
  2. Over-using your well runs the risk it could dry up and potentially burn up your well. Are you interested in accruing the cost of digging a new well and buying a new well pump?
  3. Grubs and chinch bugs prefer lawns that are wet. If you are over-watering your lawn you could attract theselawn devouring pests resulting in a yellow dying lawn and/or a need for pest control to get involved.
  4. Unhealthy lawns can result from overwatering. Grass blades can turn grayish instead of vibrant greens, roots can decay, and weeds can grow more quickly and easily. Not only does your lawn look unwell, but it will recover more slowly from heavy traffic and can more easily die off during winter dormancy.

Over-watering is not always a poorly designed system or a controller malfunction, broken/buried sprinkler heads and hidden leaks can cause areas of over-saturation as well. These hidden issues could waste as much as 18-45 gallons each time you turn your system on. That is why we offer a 100% free sprinkler system inspection. We’ll find any visible issues, hidden issues, areas where your system could be more efficient and inform you of our findings.

Let Conserva Irrigation of North Atlanta give your Suwanee sprinkler system a thorough inspection for potential water waste. Our free inspection is estimated at a $150 value and will leave you with a free estimate that includes a flat rate quote for all essential repairs. No guesswork. No hidden costs. Call today to schedule your complimentary irrigation system inspection (678) 671-2020. We look forward to working with you.

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