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Water Conservation Smart Irrigation

Don’t Let Your Johns Creek Sprinkler System Run Off with Your Money

Have you noticed water running down the sidewalk, driveway, or curb when your Johns Creek irrigation system is or has been running? This is a HUGE red flag that means you are spending more money than you need to be spending and using more water than you need to be using. So what it the big deal?

Irrigation Run-Off Wastes Money & Water

The Atlanta area suffers from the most expensive water in the country. Every drop of water you use is a drop of water you pay for, twice. You pay for the water, and you pay for the sewage. In fact, the sewer and water waste treatment is almost 75% of your monthly water bill. While it might seem like a normal occurrence for some water to run-off each time you irrigate your Johns Creek lawn, it, in fact, is not necessary. If your lawn and landscape are getting precisely the amount of water it needs to be lush and healthy, water run-off can be a thing of the past.

Sprinkler Run-Off Can Impact the Fresh Water Supplies

While the impact on your water bill and the thought of wasting gallons of fresh water might be enough to convince you to work towards a more efficient Johns Creek sprinkler system, water run-off can have additional negative effects. When water runs down sidewalks, driveways, and roads, it can pick up fertilizers, pesticides, oils, detergents and other chemicals, carrying them into the culverts, streams, rivers, and lakes. These chemicals get picked up in the hydrologic cycle and can come back down in the rainwater. Rainwater is absorbed by the soil where it is filtered before refreshing underground aquifers and other drinking water supplies. The more chemicals that leech into the water, the higher the chance it contaminates our drinking water.

With less than 3% of Earth’s water being fresh and only about 1% of that being accessible for drinking, it is vital that we protect our drinking water supplies.

Long-term Water Conservation with Johns Creek Smart Irrigation

At Conserva Irrigation of North Atlanta, we offer a FREE Johns Creek sprinkler system inspection. Our comprehensive system inspection will locate leaks, breaks, inefficiencies and programming issues that could be leading to water runoff, costing you each and every month in a bloated water bill. Call today to schedule your FREE no obligation sprinkler system inspection. (678) 671-2020

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