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Quick Tips to Dial In the Settings of Your Ft. Worth Sprinkler System

Getting the Lawn of Your Dreams with Smart Settings Designed for Your Ft. Worth Smart Irrigation System

While technology is typically designed to make our lives easier, sometimes it can take a little bit of time to learn new systems and how to maximize new technology for the best benefits. When correctly dialed in, a Conserva Irrigation of Ft. Worth sprinkler system will help you save tremendous amounts of water and money over the lifetime of your system. By calling our team of certified technicians at (817) 953-8455 you can be assured that we have the depth of knowledge and tools to optimize the settings for the most benefit in your system. When adjusting the settings on your system there are six main settings that we consider.

The Soil Your Ft. Worth Sprinkler System is Watering

No two lawns are the same. Even neighbors soil types can vary drastically which is why we never use a cookie cutter approach when designing and setting up your sprinkler system. The type of soil can make a huge difference in watering times and what the best schedule is for your lawn. If you have a soil that does not absorb water well, then high amounts of watering can be wasteful, whereas high-water absorbing soils can take in too much water with long watering cycles and cause plant death from overwatering.

Watering Each Zone in Your Ft. Worth Sprinkler System

Similar to soil types, the different zones within your system will require different amounts of water to fully and properly nourish your lawn. The amount of sun an area receives can make a huge difference in the rate of evaporation and transpiration that takes place on a daily basis. Zones with more sun will require more water and areas that can be within feet of high sun areas will require less water due to shading or soil types. We take the time to adjust each zone in your system to get the proper amount of water, every day.

Adjusting Sprinkler Coverage in Your Ft. Worth Sprinkler System

Improperly adjusted sprinkler heads can be the headache those waste gallons of water and cost you significant amounts of money over the course of the growing season. Heads can become misadjusted for a number of reasons from poor maintenance to being accidentally moved by mowing services. Your sprinkler head goes from watering your lawn to watering your driveway or patio. Adjusting your heads will keep the water where it belongs and your money in your wallet.

Keep Your Ft. Worth Sprinkler System Watering Your Lawn at the Proper Times

The most optimal time to typically water your lawn is when the temperature is cooler, the sun is low and there is little wind to help avoid evaporation. Your lawn gets thirsty every day and hates to share water when it does not have to. Keep your lawn happy and healthy by watering at the best times. For most situations, watering in the early morning is the best time to avoid up to 30% water evaporation.

Watering More Often for Shorter Times with Your Ft. Worth Sprinkler System is Best

The age-old question, do I water longer once or multiple times for shorter periods. Our years of research have taught us that multiple short watering events are far superior for the health of your lawn than a longer, sustained watering. With our Toro® EVOLUTION Controller, scheduling multiple watering times is as simple as pie for homeowners of all technology levels.

Watering Only When Needed with Your Ft. Worth Sprinkler System

The best lawns are the ones that receive the exact amount of water it needs daily. Not a drop more or less regardless of season or weather conditions. A Conserva Irrigation system is designed to be precise through our smart irrigation controllers, weather sensors, and soil sensors. Our system accounts for the weather conditions, historical weather predictions, soil moisture and the time of year to deliver the water you need.

Want help with your designs or you are ready to learn more about how Conserva Irrigation of Ft. Worth can help you save water and money? Give us a call at (817) 953-8455 and talk to our team about our eco-smart irrigation solutions.

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