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Your Ft. Worth Sprinkler & Toro® Technology. A perfect match.

Simplify Your Life with the Toro® EVOLUTION® Controller in Your Ft. Worth Sprinkler System

With the myriad of choices for controllers in your Ft. Worth sprinkler system, we understand that the typical homeowner may be overwhelmed with all the information out there on the different options. Don’t worry, Conserva Irrigation has done the research for you and we offer the very best in sprinkler system controllers by using a Toro EVOLUTION® Controller. The Toro® controller is simply the best and most advanced controller available on the market when it comes to helping you conserve water and saving money.

Why is The Toro EVOLUTION® Controller the Best Choice for my Ft. Worth Sprinkler System?

The EVOLUTION® controller begins with taking 40 years of weather data that is localized at your zip code to determine what is the best schedule for watering based on typical weather conditions. Although the controller has a wealth of historical weather data we know, and it knows that things can change. Besides, every year has its own unique weather aspects to it. Where the 40 years of data is a great starting point, Conserva has several other tools to ensure your lawn receives the correct amount of water. Teaming up with the EVOLUTION® controller is the Toro® Wireless ET Weather Sensor.

The Toro® Wireless ET Weather Sensor is a Water-Saving Machine

Let’s begin with the name. The “ET” stands for evapotranspiration. Basically, meaning the process and measurement of water as it circulates every day from evaporation to the water used for plant nourishment. Yes, it can get confusing, but it is no problem for ET Weather Sensor.

As we program your new controller for your Ft. Worth sprinkler system, we keep many factors in mind. We want to make sure you get the precise amount of water your plants need without wasting a drop. We look at the soil type, your landscape design, types of plants, slope of your land and types of sprinkler heads that are being used. We really do take into account every aspect of your property and the system we are installing.

With all this collected data, we use the Toro® Wireless ET Weather Sensor as a key part in measuring and recording weather conditions in real time as it communicates with your Toro EVOLUTION® Controller. Now, instead of having an older style controller that just waters based on a pre-set timer, your Toro® controller and ET Weather Sensor will communicate to automatically customize a schedule of watering based on the current weather. If you are getting rain, then your system will know to water less or not at all. If it has been particularly dry, then your system will know to add a little to your watering cycle. The accuracy is astounding, and the automation makes your life simpler and saves your money from overwatering, older controllers.  

Save Water & Money with Your Ft. Worth Lawn Sprinkler System

Along with the Toro EVOLUTION® controller and the Wireless ET Weather Sensor, Conserva also offers Soil Sensors that measure, record and communicate to your controller the amount of moisture already in the ground. We cover all the bases when it comes to conserving water and saving you money in your sprinkler system. Our soil sensors can further refine exactly how much water you need in each zone to avoid under or over watering.

Ready to simplify your life while saving water and money in your irrigation system? Give our team of professional technicians a call at (817) 953-8455 to learn more about our Toro EVOLUTION® controller, Toro® Wireless ET Weather Sensor and Toro® soil sensors. Save water. Save money. Conserva Irrigation of Ft. Worth.

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