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Retrofit Your Older Ft. Worth Sprinkler System to Save Water & Money

Upgrade Your Ft. Worth Sprinkler System & Save Money with Conserva Irrigation

If you are ready to upgrade your older sprinkler system and save up to 60% of the water used in your Greater Ft. Worth sprinkler system while saving money in your monthly water bill, then give Conserva Irrigation a call at (817) 953-8455.

Many people had their sprinkler system installed years ago or they moved into a home that has a system made from older components. The problem is these older systems are water monsters that use huge amounts of water. The antiquated technology was not designed with water conservation in mind and homeowners pay the price month after month. Not only do these outdated sprinkler systems use unnecessary large amounts of water, they are inefficient at properly watering your lawn. Imagine taking a 1953 Buick to the Indy 500. Yes, you may finish the race, but you are not going to win, and you are going to use uncounted more gallons of gas than the modern racecar. This is very similar to using your old sprinkler system year after year.

Conserva Irrigation of Ft. Worth Solves the Old Sprinkler System Riddle

Conserva Irrigation has the solution to upgrade your Ft. Worth sprinkler system. Regardless of who installed your system, our team of certified professionals can retrofit your sprinkler heads, valves, sensors and controller. Upgrading your system will our advanced Toro® technology will nourish your lawn properly while saving you money. As an added benefit, our Toro® sprinkler system components have been intuitively designed for ease-of-use for the typical homeowner. Now, you can control your entire sprinkler system through the use of an app on your smartphone. How easy is that?

Water is water, right? Technically, yes, however the way the water is delivered can mean the difference between a beautiful, lush, green lawn or a lawn with frequent dead spots from over or under watering. Conserva and Toro® have partnered together to help make this possible through a series of wirelessly connected sensors and stored data that will deliver the water your lawn needs. Our systems take into account all the multi-faceted aspects of your lawn to precisely deliver the proper, needed amount of water to every zone of your lawn. Your lawn is unique, some areas have different landscaping or different types of soil, maybe the slope is different, or some areas of your lawn receive much more sun throughout the day than others. These are critical factors to understand and by retrofitting your Ft. Worth sprinkler system with Toro® technology, you can finally give your lawn the water it needs, when it needs it, every time.

Are you ready to upgrade or learn more about Conserva Irrigation’s full-line of water-saving technology? Give us a call at (817) 953-8455, we look forward to hearing from you.

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