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Will a Sprinkler System Add Value to My Home?

will a sprinkler system add value to my home
will a sprinkler system add value to my home

Adding value to your property is a goal for every Chattanooga homeowner. You have the opportunity to do this both inside your house and in your landscape. A professionally installed and high-quality irrigation system can certainly add value to your home.

will a sprinkler system add value to my home

In our climate, which has all four seasons, your yard will experience heat, humidity, rain showers, and more. To ensure your lawn gets the appropriate amount of water, you'll want to install a smart sprinkler system. Such a solution actually reduces the amount of water you use. That correlates to savings on your utilities, as well.

Sprinkler systems decrease the chance of yellowing grass that receives too little water or saturated soil that has too much. You’ll get the right balance when using Conserva Irrigation systems. That’s because of three key things:

  • A weather sensor, which transmits weather information to a controller.
  • A soil sensor that measures the moisture by zone and relays the data to the controller.
  • The controller that takes all the information and autonomously waters the areas that need it.

With this solution, you’ll have a lush landscape. So, how else does a sprinkler system add value to your home?

Attractive Landscapes Have Curb Appeal

First impressions matter regarding the value of residential property. Your curb appeal will increase dramatically if your yard is well maintained and healthy. Plants live longer. There are no unsightly patches, and you’re using just the right amount of water. It’s an investment in your property when you take care of it with smart irrigation systems.

chattanooga sprinkler system installation

Easy Maintenance Is Appealing

When prospective buyers look at a property, they want it to be convenient and easy to maintain. There's no work to do with sprinklers that automatically water when needed. That saves a lot of time, effort, and money. Keeping your sprinkler system in good shape adds more value.

Professional Systems Are Value Adds

Not all sprinkler systems deliver value. Those that are old, need repair, or aren’t efficient could detract from a property. Thus, you want a professional system that uses the latest technology. Additionally, you should winterize and summerize it every year to ensure it’s working properly and address any needed repairs quickly.

chattanooga TN sprinkler system winterization

Home Buyers Appreciate the Conservation Aspect

With our systems, you’ll use 40-50% less water than traditional sprinklers. Watering doesn’t occur unless the zone needs it. Being eco-friendly and conserving resources can be very important to some home buyers. Landscapes stay green and thriving with less water.

Ready to Add Value to Your Chattanooga Home?

It’s a great time to inquire about irrigation systems. We’re able to install them at most any time of year. If you already have a system, and it’s not working as it should, we can inspect it and offer our recommendations. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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Contact us today and learn more about our irrigation services.