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What to Expect During Your Summerization Appointment

Getting Your Irrigation System Ready for the Spring Season

Your sprinkler system needs extra attention as the seasons change in order to run smoothly all year long. Springtime is no exception! After being inactive for the winter months, it is important to check the health of your system and get it back up and running for spring.

tech with clientWhen you work with Conserva Irrigation to start your sprinkler system for the spring, our process includes a whole lot more than just “turning on” your system. The entire process usually takes less than one hour to complete.

When you schedule a Summerization appointment with Conserva Irrigation, here’s what you can expect:

Water Source

Our expert irrigation technicians will locate and label your irrigation system water source for easy identification. Once located, it is activated along with the backflow device, checking for any leaks or drips. If the device requires testing per the local codes, a test will be scheduled for you.

Alternatively, if you are pulling from a shallow well or from a nearby pond or creek, we will activate your pump and associated equipment, checking for suction and prime.

Mainline and Valves

The mainline will be charged slowly until full, and the valves checked for leaks once pressurized. A visual inspection of the valves and valve wiring will be conducted to ensure that all is good and to check for any rodent damage as valve boxes make comfy homes for mice.

Controller and Sensors

Your Conserva Irrigation technician will activate your irrigation controller and complete a full diagnostic electrical test to ensure that all circuits are strong and good to go for the season. After that, we’ll complete a program review and optimization. For those with smart Wi-Fi controllers, the signal strength and connectivity will be tested. If you do not have a Wi-Fi enabled smart controller, we ask one question…. Why Not? Ask your technician about how much easier your life could be and how much water you could save with a smart irrigation controller – all from the convenience of your phone or tablet. Your back-up battery will be replaced, and all sensors will be checked for efficacy.

tech adjusting sprinkler sprinkler head

Zone Check

Each zone will be activated and checked for leaks and all heads and nozzles will be checked for clogs or leaks and adjusted for optimal coverage over grass and plant material. The same holds true for drip and micro zones.

System Efficiency Inspection Report

A thorough and complete Conserva SES® Inspection Report, including our flat rate, upfront pricing for repairs will be delivered to you and broken into three main sections –

  • High Priority Issues – repairs that need to be fixed immediately
  • Design Issues – recommendations improve your system’s design
  • Efficiency Upgrades – recommendations to improve the efficiency of your system

Once your Irrigation System Summerization is complete, you can enjoy your spring and get your grass and plants ready for the summer season!

Ready to schedule your Summerization and sprinkler start-up appointment with us? Contact your local Conserva Irrigation to schedule today!