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Going on Summer Vacation? 3 Tips to Protect Your System While You’re Gone.

Protecting your sprinkler system while you’re #outofoffice.

July is full of summer fun – BBQs, fireworks, and of course family vacations. While you’re prepping to head out of town for vacation, I’m sure you’ve thought about packing your sunscreen and making arrangements for a pet sitter but something that might be a little further from your mind is how you’ll protect your home while you are gone.

Sure, you have your smart home security monitor set up to alert you of suspicious activity and maybe you have a neighbor bringing in your packages for you. But have you considered how to protect your sprinkler system and lawn while you’re gone? Installing a smart irrigation system ensures your lawn is taken care of while you are away.

Here are 3 simple tips to ensure a fun vacation, followed by a lush, green lawn when you return.

1. Invest in a smart, wi-fi enabled controller

A smart controller is just like a smart thermostat or wi-fi doorbell for your home - but for your lawn or garden instead. A smart controller makes it so you can manage your irrigation system with the simple touch of a button.

Conserva Tech Analyzing Sprinkler System

At Conserva Irrigation, our favorite smart controller is the Hunter Hydrawise controller. Some of the key features of the Hydrawise include managing your zones and features through the Hydrawise app on any tablet or phone, utilizing Amazon Alexa for voice activated control, and critical system fault alerts.

Having a smart controller in place while you are out of town can be a game-changer for any homeowner. If the weather takes a turn while you’re gone your smart controller will automatically read the weather forecast and adjust the watering schedule to fit the rainfall needs.

2. Make sure your system has a flow sensor installed

Simply put, flow sensors measure how quickly or slowly water is flowing through your system. When a flow sensor is installed and a leak or break in your sprinkler system occurs, you will be alerted instantly – and so will your local Conserva Irrigation office. A smart controller combined with a flow sensor is the best security system your sprinkler system can have.Sprinkler in Grass

3. Set or adjust your watering schedule to match the seasonal conditions

If you do not have a smart controller, you will definitely want to adjust your system’s settings before you head out on vacay. Many standard controllers still offer seasonal adjust settings, or you can take a look at the weather forecast and adjust your watering days and time accordingly. If you are not savvy at adjusting your irrigation timer, rest assured that our certified technicians can do it for you.

In search of more tips on how to keep your lawn green all summer long? Contact your local Conserva Irrigation today.