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Sprinkler Systems and Irrigation Systems: What’s the Difference?

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For those seeking a flush and beautiful yard, you know it needs the right amount of water at the right time. Manually watering your landscape takes up valuable time and wastes water. If you’re considering installing a system to keep your Chattanooga lawn vibrant and healthy, you’ve likely heard of sprinkler systems and irrigation systems. So, what’s the difference, or are they the same?

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Is There a Difference in Sprinkler and Irrigation Solutions for Your Yard?

Simply put, the terms are interchangeable. Irrigation is what a sprinkler system does. So, when comparing options, don’t be confused by these. Also, don’t let a company try to convince you that one is better than the other. It could be their way of trying to upsell you on something that doesn’t exist.

So, no matter what your watering needs are, what should you look for in a system?

Irrigation and Sprinkler Systems: Smarter Is Better

There are lots of options to irrigate your lawn. Traditional sprinklers work via a timer, so you can only control the time when you water. It doesn’t take into account other information like weather or soil saturation. There’s a better way to water—one that conserves water, saves you money, and delivers a beautiful yard.

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Conserva Chattanooga offers smart irrigation. It includes sensors for the weather and soil. Based on the data collected, the sensors communicate with the controller. The controller then dictates which zones power on that need moisture. This technology innovation results in less wasted water, which is good for the planet and your water bill. In most cases, homeowners with this type of sprinkler system use 60% less water than those using other methods.

Systems Designed for Your Specific Needs

Additionally, we design your solution based on your lawn’s topography, considering precipitation and percolation rates, soil type, slope, and sun and shade. It’s not a cookie-cutter solution like every other yard in the city or state. It’s customized to ensure your landscape gets the moisture it needs.

The Finest Chattanooga Sprinkler System Services

Further, we offer maintenance services, including winterization and summerization. Both are critical to keeping your irrigation system performing well. When you invest in a Conserva Irrigation system, you’ll get the expertise to maintain it properly from our team.

Leave the Sprinklers to the Professionals

If you currently have a system that isn’t efficient or has repair needs, you can contact our team for an inspection. We’ll evaluate the sprinklers, noting any issues with leaks, broken heads, misalignment, zone failures, and anything else inhibiting its usability. We’ll provide you with an assessment and recommendations for repairs or replacements.

We Ll Repair Or Maintain Any Commercial Irrigation System

Working on a sprinkler system or installing one isn’t something you want to tackle on your own. That can be time-consuming and expensive. So, leave it to the pros at Conserva Chattanooga.

Sprinkler and Irrigation Systems: The Best Choice Is Conserva

With our smart irrigation, years of expertise working on Chattanooga lawns, maintenance services, and more, you’ll appreciate how easy we make watering your lawn. Contact us today to schedule an appointment at 423-401-9517.

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