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Can I Have My Sprinkler System Installed During the Winter?

why winter is an ideal time to install a smart irrigation system for your chattanooga landscape
why winter is an ideal time to install a smart irrigation system for your chattanooga landscape

Many new homeowners want to ensure that their yard turns out healthy and lush when spring arrives. That’s why we often get the question at Conserva Chattanooga of “Can I have my sprinkler system installed during the winter?”

chattanooga TN sprinkler system winterizations

The answer is yes! Winter doesn’t deter the ability to install a new irrigation system. If you decide to move forward with a new sprinkler system this time of year, it’s safe to do so. There are many benefits to planning for installation now.

Why Install During the Winter?

First, you’ll enjoy fast scheduling. The closer it gets to spring, the more demand for new sprinklers and summerization of the system, so you may have to wait several weeks. Second, getting this done in the winter means less disruption of your family’s lifestyle. If you wait until spring, you may already be enjoying your outdoor living spaces, and you’d have to hit pause on that for a bit. Third, you’ll be ready for spring and be on your way to beautiful, green landscapes for many months to come.

What Does a Winter Sprinkler Installation Include?

For a winter irrigation system install, we provide a turnkey solution for new Chattanooga homeowners. Here’s what you can expect:

You’ll receive an on-site consultation to discuss the layout of the new system with expert recommendations from our technicians on what the ideal setup should be. The system design depends on your lawn’s topography. We consider the precipitation rate, percolation rate, soil type, slope, and sun and shade. Doing so ensures you use 40-50% less water than traditional sprinkler systems.

why winter is an ideal time to install a smart irrigation system for your chattanooga landscape

Once we’ve provided the proposal, and you accept, it’s time for the work. We’ll be installing one of the most efficient sprinkler systems available. It includes four main components:

  • Pipe and fittings that create the layout.
  • Weather sensor: It provides weather data to the controller to better control water usage.
  • Soil sensor: It relays information to the controller about saturation by zones.
  • Controller: It combines all the data and autonomously waters in the most efficient way.

Once everything is in the ground, we’ll test it to ensure everything is working as it should. Then we winterize it by clearing out any water in the pipes, turning off the water supply, and turning off the controller.

how efficient is your irrigation system

Once March comes around, it will be time to turn your new sprinkler system on and let it work its magic. We’re always here for maintenance and repairs if you need us.

Get Your Sprinkler System Installed Now by Conserva Chattanooga

If you want to get a jumpstart on a lush lawn for your new home, then contact us today to discuss how our solutions work and schedule time for our initial consultation.

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