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The Benefits of a Smart Irrigation System

A lot of irrigation companies say that they help you save water, but do the products they use meet that promise? At Conserva Irrigation, we incorporate specific products that help you save both water and money by utilizing local weather data and monitoring alerts so your irrigation system is operating at peak efficiency.

These products - a Hunter© Hydrawise™ Smart Controller, an Irritrol rain sensor, and a Hunter© flow meter - all contribute to what we like to call a smart irrigation system. When all of these products are added on to your system, you can have peace of mind knowing that your lawn will only be watered when needed and your local Conserva Irrigation team will always have an up-to-date picture of the efficiency of your system so they can calibrate when needed.

Here’s how each of these components works together to create a smart irrigation system:

Hunter© Hydrawise™ Smart Controller: With one of these smart controllers you can utilize Predictive Watering technology to automatically adjust your system for local weather conditions - so watering only occurs when it's needed. The controller uses local weather data to create water triggers that allow your system to be fine-tuned to the current weather conditions. When these water triggers are met, your smart controller will tell your system to adjust the watering schedule or cancel the watering entirely.

Irritrol Rain Sensor: One easy way to overwater your lawn is when your system runs during or after rainfall. The Irritrol rain sensor works to help control your irrigation system by detecting imminent rain and communicating to your controller the level of rainfall. If the level of rainfall is sufficient, it will ensure the timer skips your next watering cycle, preventing overwatering in your yard!

Flow Meter: A flow meter monitors the water flowing through your system and can provide real-time alerts so the team at Conserva Irrigation can see any issue your system is having before you do! With this product installed, we will know exactly where water pressure problems occur in your system, meaning we can stop issues as they happen.

All three of these products help ensure your lawn is watered at the right time and amount - and never when you don’t need it. Using these three products in tandem can help you eliminate waste - and do your part to save the environment and conserve water. Contact your local Conserva Office to learn more!