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Minneapolis Sprinkler System Installation Services

Conserva Irrigation is Your Sprinkler System Installation Expert in Minneapolis

Unlike many Minneapolis irrigation companies, Conserva Irrigation of The Twin Cities does much more than just irrigation system installation and repair. Environmental responsibility is one of our three core values, and at the heart of everything we do. Through our innovative research, we’ve figured out the “sweet spot” that provides a lush, green lawn while using the least amount of water possible, thus saving our customers money. We call this “Smart Irrigation.” Choosing a Conserva Irrigation system is the smartest decision for your wallet, your lawn, and the planet. We know it can be overwhelming to think about how to go about installing an irrigation system for your Minneapolis lawn. But Conserva Irrigation of the Twin Cities takes care of both the design and the installation of your sprinkler system for you. The professional irrigation installation process we developed is designed to ensure that every zone of your yard has just the right amount of water it needs.

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What’s the process Conserva uses to install irrigation systems?

So, how do we do it?

The first thing we do prior to designing your Minneapolis sprinkler system is gather as much information as we can about the land we’re working with. Our highly-trained technicians will walk through your property, taking notes about the layout, such as planted landscapes, patios, slopes, sun exposure, and anything else that might need special attention or consideration.

Three Off Toro Irrigation Products

After collecting this data, we design a personalized Toro® smart sprinkler system that gives your yard the exact amount of water each zone needs to thrive. Our Minneapolis sprinkler systems are built with the latest water conservation technology and components to maximize the efficiency of the water used without compromising effectiveness. Or, in other words, give “more bang for your buck.” Our exclusive partnership with Toro, the leaders in irrigation innovation, ensures that Conserva sprinkler systems use 40-60% less water than any other irrigation system on the market.

With our Toro EVOLUTION® controller and the variety of coordinating rain, weather and soil sensors, we’ll set up your sprinkler system to run itself. Programming is easy to manage, and the sensors will guarantee you never water your lawn during a rainstorm. Check out the videos on the right to see our technicians “in action” demonstrating the different parts of a Toro EVOLUTION® controller and system.

Organization is the key to Minneapolis sprinkler system installation

Our organization process is the key to our efficiency, which is why a big part of the planning is mapping out your yard and each of its zones. We use color coded flags, which indicate to our technicians what type of sprinkler heads, nozzles, or other specific parts should be used in that particular area. We also flag your neighbors’ properties to make sure none of their sprinkler system is compromised during our process.

Watch as our owner, Russ Jundt, gives a walk-through of our pre-installation process, even on a rainy day:

By applying this same process with your yard, our Minneapolis smart irrigation design and installation is as seamless as possible, and usually takes less than three hours. (Larger properties may take more time.)

Consider a drip irrigation system for your flowers and garden

If your flowers, garden, and/or special shrubbery are your pride and joy, you might want to consider drip irrigation. These systems deliver water directly to plants’ soil at a balanced rate, targeting roots and reducing water loss from evaporation or surface runoff.

Drip Irrigation

Many don’t realize that sprinkler systems can leave water droplets on flower petals and leaves that can actually act as a magnifying glass for the sun. This causes dry or burning spots directly on your plants. But with drip irrigation, the water goes right where it’s supposed to — the soil, which improves root development. Drip irrigation keeps soil evenly moist to promote a healthy beautiful landscape.

Drip irrigation systems for your Minneapolis garden save time and money while positively contributing to the quality of your plants’ lives. At Conserva Irrigation of Twin Cities, we can combine a drip irrigation system to specific areas of your landscape in addition to a sprinkler system to keep your landscaping just the way you want it — beautiful.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost me to install a new sprinkler system?

The final cost of a new sprinkler system will vary depending on where you live and which provider you use. Typically, a sprinkler system installation can start at $2,500 and go up from there. At Conserva Irrigation of The Twin Cities we offer a free sprinkler inspection to help you stay on budget!

How often should I water my lawn?

You should always check what your city’s ordinances are concerning water usage for your lawn and yard, but generally, to keep your lawn green it is recommended to water 2-3 times a week.

Will installing a new sprinkler system increase my home’s value?

Yes! A well-maintained or new sprinkler system installation is a great selling point for potential home value!

To learn more about how we install irrigation systems or set up an appointment in Minneapolis and surrounding areas, call Conserva Irrigation of the Twin Cities at (763) 401-7313 or drop us an email.We look forward to working with you!