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July is Smart Irrigation Month. Make Sure Your Venice Irrigation System Is Smart

Did you know that your sprinkler system uses, by far, more water than any of your other indoor appliances? That’s right, it’s the biggest water usage source at your home, hands down. Now, if your sprinkler system isn’t operating at peak efficiency, then it’s wasting water. Examples of this would be improperly programmed controllers, broken sprinkler heads, malfunctioning rain sensors, lateral line leaks and the list goes on and on. When was your Venice, FL, sprinkler system last inspected? Would you know if your system was wasting water?

broken sprinkler rotor in Venice FL

While scenes like the image above are extremely easy to notice, there could be major issues with your system that you may not notice. If your sprinkler rotors aren’t providing head-to-head coverage, then you’re wasting water. If your rotors are spraying the street, you’re wasting water. If your system is running during or directly after a rainstorm, you’re wasting water. In fact, you’re wasting hundreds, if not thousands, of gallons each time your system runs.

At Conserva Irrigation of Southwest Florida, we even have flowmeter technology that will alert us to any pressure issues or leaks in your system. This will allow us to be proactive in remedying your irrigation system. We utilize smart irrigation to ensure your lawn looks lush and emerald green all year long while using much less water to do so. Whether it’s predictive watering™, real-time rain sensor capability or a flowmeter, a Conserva Irrigation sprinkler system is about as smart as you can get.

Smart Irrigation Venice FL

Make sure your irrigation system is smart by calling Conserva Irrigation today. Essentially, a smart irrigation system will run autonomously. With multiple components communicating with your smart controller, your lawn will only be watered when it’s optimal. On average, a smart irrigation system uses up to 60% less water than other standard irrigation systems. Again, your sprinkler system uses more water than all your indoor water appliances combined. Make the smart choice and choose smart irrigation technology.

If you’d like to learn more about our smart irrigation technology options, call us anytime at (941) 208-1449 or fill out our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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