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Is Your St. Louis Sprinkler System Ready for Thunder & Lighting Storms?

Is Your St. Louis Sprinkler System Ready for Thunder & Lighting Storms?

Meteorologists estimate that the Greater St. Louis area get as many as 50 days per year with thunder and lighting. It is true, the summer heat brings the crazy storms we get every year from late spring to early fall. At Conserva Irrigation of St. Louis, we know that lighting is a leading cause of lawn sprinkler system damage year after year, we also know this damage can be prevented with proper grounding of your system. Be prepared for inclement weather and the potentially costly damage that it can cause to your irrigation system before it happens with Conserva Irrigation. Give us a call at (636) 317-5138 if you are ready to protect your St. Louis lawn sprinkler system and keep your lush, green landscaping all season long.

Can A Lighting Storm Really Destroy My St. Louis Sprinkler System? … YES!

Of all the things you think about when a thunderstorm comes rolling in, the last thing most homeowners give thought to is their sprinkler system. Between maybe making sure the dog is inside and your car windows are rolled up, your mind can be filled with the many tasks at the moment. One thing that is important to remember is the safety of your irrigation system and will proper preventative maintenance the irrigation professionals at Conserva can help take one major stress off your mind. Yes, it is true that your sprinkler system can receive major, expensive damage from a ground lightning strike.

All it takes is one strike to the nearby ground for the electricity to travel through the ground and the St. Louis sprinkler system valves and ultimately to the controller wreaking havoc on the process. The result can be several broken sprinkler heads, valves and a controller shattered into pieces. Not to mention that after a valve is busted, it can leave a major water leak creating an additional headache for any property owner.

So, What Can Conserva Do to Protect My St. Louis Sprinkler System & Avoid Costly Sprinkler System Repairs?

There are two major things Conserva Irrigation can do to help prevent costly repairs and help you protect your investment during strong summer storms. The first thing is to call (636) 317-5138 and schedule your free system inspection. When we come to your home or business, we will conduct a thorough exam of your entire system to make sure it is as water-efficient as it can be and operating as cost-efficiently as it should be. Then, we will check to make sure your system is grounded. Being careful to correctly ground your St. Louis irrigation system will help protect your Toro® components during lighting storms and helping you avoid major sprinkler system repair costs.

Call (636) 317-5138 to schedule your free system inspection from your local and trusted irrigation system professionals at Conserva Irrigation of St. Louis. We look forward to talking with you!

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