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Sprinkler System

Conserva Irrigation of St. Louis Is Your Headquarters for Eco-Smart Sprinkler System Technology

Your St. Louis Sprinkler System Repair Can Slow You Down, Upgrade with Toro® Technology from Conserva Irrigation

Spring and summer are prime time for showcasing your beautiful lawn and garden after suffering for months during the doldrums of winter. At Conserva Irrigation, few things get us more excited than when the earth starts to come back alive. The grass is started to green up and grow, leaves are growing on the trees and the flowers are in full bloom. However, winter can be hard on your St. Louis sprinkler system. The constant freezing temperatures and the slight movement of the ground during these freezing cycles can cause underground havoc on your water lines. Above ground, your irrigation system can suffer from broken sprinkler heads and valves. Before you make any sprinkler system repairs, now is a great time to consider upgrading or retrofitting your old, water-guzzling sprinkler system. Give us call at (636)317-5138 to learn more about the extensive water-saving products that we feature in every Conserva system.

Our Toro® Technology Brings You the Best in Your St. Louis Sprinkler System

Modern-day sprinkler systems are complex mechanisms. It seems simple, take water, run it through a pipe then that same water sprinklers over a patch of ground. In the most basic form, you are right, it sounds simple, however, through major advancements in technology your sprinkler system is far more complex. Every system from Conserva Irrigation of St. Louis is designed from the underground up to be the most water conservative sprinkler system on the market. We are able to achieve being able to save you up to 60% of the water you use for irrigation by using a system of historical and current weather condition data to precisely deliver the proper amount of water in each zone of your system.

Our controller stores up 40 years of weather conditions to estimate the current and future needs of weather for your location. Combine that with the constant information that is fed wirelessly from our system of soil sensors, you have a system that is able to account for all conditions of your lawn and weather to accurately deliver the correct amount of water day in day out without wasting a single drop.

Don’t Waste Water & Money with an Outdated St. Louis Sprinkler System

Older systems would simply run off a timer and spray water regardless of weather conditions. Think about the times you have seen an outdated system “watering” the lawn during the middle of a rainstorm. Our systems have elevated smart irrigation to an entirely new level, all the while being super simple to control for the typical homeowner. We even have an app that you can use to manually control your sprinkler system on your smartphone.

If for any reason you need your St. Louis sprinkler system needs repairing or you are ready to learn more about new sprinkler system technology, then Conserva Irrigation is always here to help you. All you have to do is call (636)317-5138 and ask, “how can you help me save money and water while keeping my lawn lush and green all season long?” We have the answers you are looking for.

Contact us today and learn more about our irrigation services.