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Houston Summer Lawn Care Tips for a Healthy Lawn All Year Long

Did you know that up to 70% of water consumed by residential homes is utilized for the outdoors, including irrigation? Watering your lawn and garden in the summer can quadruple your average water use from the rest of the year.

We are all about conserving water in Houston. With a SMART irrigation system, you can make a huge difference in your monthly water bill and save a lot of wasted water. But there are more ways to help!

Follow these expert tips to further reduce your outdoor water use this summer:

  1. Choose a drought-tolerant landscape design.
  2. Never run sprinklers in your garden. If you don’t have an irrigation system, water the garden by hand, watering each plant directly near the soil, it is more efficient. If you have an irrigation system, use drip irrigation to avoid wasting water to evaporation.
  3. Mulch your garden and other plants to hold moisture in and lower water requirements.
  4. Mow higher! Mowing your lawn short makes it need more water. Check out our full story on how to properly mow your lawn.
  5. Mulch your lawn. If you mow it regularly enough, the clippings won’t clump and provide extra nourishment.
  6. Know your grass type and what it needs for its best health. Some go dormant in the summer and don’t need water. Some grasses need specific nutrients (the right fertilizer or compost).
  7. Water smart. See our tips on making sure you don’t over or underwater your lawn. Just right water will give it the deepest roots and better endurance to summer heat.
  8. Water your lawn at the right time of day, the early morning is the best time to water your turf.

If you are using too much water with your sprinkler system and would like help making it more efficient, call our expert irrigation team today! We offer FREE inspections to help you find potentially wasted water and an itemized flat rate quote with the recommended adjustments.

Contact us today and learn more about our irrigation services.