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Regular Irrigation Maintenance is Essential to an Efficient Irrigation System and a Healthy Green Lawn

Lawn sprinkler systems across the North Houston area are exposed to weather elements and the process of aging associated with all complex mechanical systems. Because there are many moving parts, there is a need for regular maintenance. Maintenance for irrigation should not be on an "as-needed" basis but should be a regularly scheduled event to find encroaching issues before they cause other damage or waste thousands of gallons of water. We recommend you choose a maintenance package so we can come out to your property and check your system regularly to find hidden issues and catch potential inefficiencies before they cost you big.

How much could an issue cost you? 

Imagine paying for hundreds or thousands of gallons of water to keep your lawn healthy, only to have it leaking underground and leaving you with a dead lawn? This costs you in a large water bill and in the repair cost of getting your lawn back up to speed. 


How does regular maintenance keep your sprinkler system efficient?

Besides discovering leaks and other disrepair early and often, our maintenance plan is built to assess for inefficiencies. Because of our diligence, systems we repair and maintain can use as much as 40% less water than standard sprinkler systems. We do this by checking for proper coverage, accurate programming, functioning sensors, and off-kilter spray heads that could be shooting into the street. Each of these seemingly minor adjustments and changes affects a big change in water use, saving you water and money!

Why can't I just call when I notice an issue?

When does your sprinkler system run? Early in the morning is when it should run. Depending on your daily schedule, you may never actually witness your system running. For that reason, an issue could go weeks or months until you notice a dead spot or an exorbitant water bill. Our team of certified irrigation technicians will use a proven process to assess your system and address potential issues before they cost you.

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