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Irrigation System Drip Irrigation

Drip Irrigation is the Most Efficient Way to Water your Flower Beds and Landscape Beds

You quite likely have heard of drip irrigation. A method used for more efficient watering in agricultural, commercial, and residential applications. But, do you know why drip irrigation is so good? Without much impact from wind, evaporation, or potential overspray, drip irrigation is a much more controlled way of getting water to your plants’ roots, right where they need it.

Eliminating Outside Factors for Better Irrigation


undefinedWhen even the most efficient sprinkler heads spray water, some water is lost to evaporation. Whether it is right out of the air while the sprinkler head is running or when the water lands on top of the vegetation or soil. Depending on the current air quality, temperature, humidity level, and other weather factors, you could lose quite a bit of water to evaporation. A drip irrigation system delivers water right to the soil so it can penetrate down to the plant roots quickly and easily. Very little if any water is lost to evaporation.


A dry spell can also be a windy spell. When your sprinkler system runs and shoots water out across your lawn if the wind is blowing, some of that water is blown away before it can land on the lawn. With a drip irrigation system, zero water is lost to wind as the small amount of water is delivered directly to the soil.


A bump here with the lawn-mower, a stray football, or poor sprinkler head installation, it is not uncommon for a sprinkler head to miss its main target. Even just a small shift and you could be putting gallons of water on the driveway, the sidewalk, or the patio where it will be completely wasted. Not only that, it will carry oil, gasoline, fertilizers and other pollutants into the stormwater system. Drip irrigation systems, even if they get bumped, still deliver water directly to the soil where it will penetrate to the roots of nearby vegetation for better health.

Drip irrigation is absolutely perfect for landscape beds and flower beds. It will deliver the precise amount of water to your flowers and shrubs, keeping even the most fragile plants alive and thriving. We highly recommend drip irrigation to all of the North Houston areas to combat dry spells and keep your landscape healthy.

undefinedIf you have a lot of potted plants or hanging plants, be sure to ask us about micro irrigation.

North Houston’s Best Drip Irrigation Installation

Drip irrigation systems are a much more intricate system than the rest of your sprinklers. Make sure you hire a team with expert drip irrigation technicians on staff. Yes, we have that exact staff ready and waiting for your call. Call today!

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