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Green Valley

Sprinkler Services That Conserve Green Valley Water

Irrigation Systems for Desert Living

It’s hot, it’s dry, and we all have some responsibility when it comes to conserving water for future generations. At Conserva Irrigation of Tucson East, conservation is our passion, which is why our services and equipment are designed to let you maintain a beautiful landscape without wasting such a precious resource.

Naturally, here in Arizona, many homeowners don’t have real grass. Instead, it’s common to maintain a Xeriscape, or a landscape specifically adapted for desert living. While this might mean you keep water-thrifty plants that add funky shapes and eye-catching depth to any space, it also might include turf grass, which requires more water and maintenance than low-water plants. But sometimes, whether for children and pets or another preference, turf is the best solution, and can still be enjoyed without wasting water.

Properly planning for and maintaining small turf areas with custom irrigation makes all the difference in eliminating water runoff and providing your landscape with just the right amount of water and not a drop more. These recent reviews help to speak to what it’s like when you work with a team that truly cares about eliminating water runoff and providing eco-friendly solutions.

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Irrigation Design, Installation, and Repair in Green Valley

Even when we do get some rainfall, having a smart irrigation system will change the game. Our smart controllers have rain sensors that monitor the weather and soil moisture to schedule watering cycles, skipping watering sessions when they’re not necessary. And since we perfectly plan the installation for even watering, your sprinklers will mimic natural rain to water the root zone of your vegetation.

You might be wondering why, if you have turf grass, you’d want to utilize irrigation. This is because watering turf helps to cool it down from the endless rays of sunshine beaming down.

Whether you already have a sprinkler system that you’d like to optimize, or you’re looking for a way to responsibly water your lawn, you’ve found the right place. And we’re happy to work with you to create a maintenance plan that keeps your installation functioning well year-round. With support from a nationally recognized brand, we are local to the Green Valley area to help our community with quality irrigation services that not only save on water usage but also save money on monthly bills.

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