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Which Is Better: a Xeriscape or a Natural Lawn?

Houston property owners may explore xeriscaping options, but maintaining a natural lawn may be the better choice.

Xeriscaping is a form of landscaping used in areas prone to droughts. It is based on the idea that you can layout or design your landscape in a way that limits the need for irrigation. As such, xeriscaping is popular in dry, arid regions, including Houston.

It may be tempting for Houston property owners to pursue a xeriscape as a low-maintenance alternative to a natural lawn. But, a natural lawn is still a superior choice over a xeriscape.

There are many reasons to choose a natural lawn over a xeriscape, including:

Lawn offer many benefits over xeriscapes

1. You Can Keep Your Lawn Cool

Heat radiates off a xeriscape. Comparatively, a natural lawn is more prone to stay cool for an extended period of time than a xeriscape.

2. You Can Avoid Rough Surfaces and Vegetation

A xeriscape may consist of rocks and other rough surfaces, along with drought-resistant vegetation that tends to have sharp thorns and edges. On the other hand, a natural lawn consists of neat, tidy grass and vegetation.

3. You Can Minimize Your Setup Costs

To set up a xeriscape, you likely will need to commit significant time, resources, and energy to redesign your lawn. Conversely, a natural lawn may already be in place.

The Bottom Line: A Natural Lawn Offers a Superior Option for Houston Property Owners

For Houston property owners who want a beautiful lawn that dazzles year-round, a natural lawn offers a superior choice over a xeriscape. In fact, if you work with Conserva Irrigation of North Houston, we can help you maintain your natural lawn for years to come.

Our experienced technicians can provide you with irrigation system services that are customized to your lawn. They can also set your system to drain correctly to limit water runoff and ensure your system consistently runs at peak levels.

We offer a wide range of quality sprinkler system products, too. Our smart controller systems help control water usage, enabling you to use only the water you need to keep your lawn healthy. Plus, we provide weather sensors, highly efficient spray nozzles, and other sprinkler system products designed to deliver long-lasting results.

Along with best-in-class sprinkler products, we back our sprinkler systems with an industry-best warranty. Thus, if you are concerned about your sprinkler system's performance, let us know, and we can repair or replace your system as needed.

Finally, if you need help maintaining your lawn, we've got you covered. Regardless of your lawn's layout, we'll ensure it is evenly watered. That way, your lawn will remain lush and green.

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