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3 Summer Watering Tips for North Houston Property Owners

Discover how to properly hydrate your North Houston lawn this summer.

Summer is here, and you need to water your North Houston lawn appropriately. Otherwise, if you water your lawn the same way you did at other times during the year, you may encounter a wide range of problems.

Since summer brings extreme heat to North Houston, your lawn requires additional water at more frequent intervals than it would in fall, spring, and winter. If your North Houston lawn gets dehydrated in summer, dry spots and brown patches may form. Or, if you water your lawn excessively to try to compensate for the excessive heat, weeds and fungi may develop, leading to severe surface damage.

Houston Summer Irrigation Adjustments Keep Your North Houston Lawn Healthy This Summer

Prioritize the health of your North Houston lawn this summer — that way, you can ensure your lawn gets sufficient water and appears lush and vibrant throughout the season.

Here are three summer watering tips you can use to keep your North Houston lawn looking great this summer.

1. Water Your Lawn Early or Late in the Day

The temperature tends to be lower in North Houston early in the morning and late in the afternoon in comparison to other times during the day. So, if you water your lawn early in the morning or late in the afternoon, you can boost the likelihood that water will fully penetrate your soil.

2. Water Your Lawn Regularly

To determine how frequently you'll need to water your North Houston lawn in summer, you first need to figure out how long it takes water to penetrate your soil. You can measure your lawn's ability to absorb water by watering your lawn, then inserting a screwdriver into the soil. Next, evaluate your lawn every 15 minutes to see how quickly the water penetrates your soil. When the water penetrates your soil up to 6 in., you'll know how often to water your lawn.

3. Use a Sprinkler System

Some areas of your North Houston lawn may be more exposed to sunlight than others, and you need to customize your summer watering schedule accordingly. With a sprinkler system, you can do just that. During summer, run your sprinkler system on "cycle and soak" to prevent run-off. You can also receive sprinkler maintenance services to ensure your system is well-equipped to properly hydrate your lawn throughout the summer.

Maintain a Beautiful Lawn in Summer and Beyond

Conserva Irrigation of North Houston has the skills and experience to help you maintain a beautiful lawn year-round. We provide a wide range of lawn services, including sprinkler repairs and various seasonal services. In addition, if you choose one of our maintenance packages, we automatically come and change your sprinkler system schedule and offer 10% off sprinkler repairs. To learn more or to schedule a lawn care consultation, please contact us online or call us today at (281) 843-8465.

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