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How to Use Mulch Properly to Keep Your Plants Healthy

Here are tips to help you effectively use mulch across your North Houston garden.

Mulch helps keep garden soil moist, reduces the risk of weeds, and delivers other short- and long-lasting benefits. Yet, for North Houston property owners, figuring out how to use mulch properly can be difficult. If you use too much or too little mulch or apply mulch incorrectly, you may inadvertently damage your garden.

At Conserve Irrigation of North Houston, we're committed to helping you enhance your garden in any way possible. To help you keep your plants healthy and beautiful, we are here to offer the following tips to properly use mulch in your garden.

1. Use Lawn Clippings

You don't necessarily need to purchase mulch to improve your lawn's appearance. In fact, you can use your lawn clippings to provide your soil with an all-natural boost.

Lawn clippings contain a wide range of nutrients, and as such, allow you to add valuable organic matter to your soil. Plus, lawn clippings are available free of charge and can be collected after you mow your lawn.

Pick up lawn clippings every time you mow your lawn. Then, spread them across your garden, and you can mulch your garden with ease.

2. Add the Right Amount of Mulch

The goal of using mulch is to help your plants grow and retain a healthy growing environment. To achieve this goal, you need to use the right amount of mulch, every time.

Spread up to 3 in. of mulch across your garden. This amount ensures weed species are unlikely to germinate in your garden. It also limits the risk of water and oxygen moving out of your soil.

3. Partner with a Lawn Care Expert

The plants in your garden, your garden's design, and other factors impact how you should use mulch. If you are unsure how to integrate mulch into your garden, you should consult with a lawn care expert.

Lawn care professionals are committed to their craft, and they devote significant time, resources, and energy to ensure you can properly use mulch season after season. They will develop and execute a custom plan to mulch your garden, along with explore innovative ways to keep your plants healthy. Best of all, these professionals will monitor your garden's growth and continue to uncover new ways to help your plants thrive.

The Bottom Line on How to Properly Use Mulch

Your North Houston garden may be the centerpiece of your home's exterior, and you want to do everything possible to keep your plants looking great. By working with Conserva, you can get the assistance you need to properly use mulch in your garden and ensure your plants. 

Along with lawn care guidance, we offer sprinkler services to help you find and install the right sprinkler for your North Houston lawn. We even provide a complimentary sprinkler system inspection and can help you identify and address any issues with your existing sprinkler. The result: we make it simple for you to maintain a healthy, beautiful lawn and garden.

The Conserva team is available to discuss our lawn care and sprinkler services. To learn more or to schedule a consultation, please contact us online or call us today.

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