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Smartest Irrigation System for Unpredictable Houston Weather

A proper watering schedule for the healthiest lawn in the never-consistent, ever-changing Houston weather is darn near impossible; if you were to do it manually.

What would it take if you were handling the endeavor on your own?

  1. Measure the rainfall at all times.
  2. Calculate the inches per minute your sprinkler system emits.
  3. Subtract recent rain from your water schedule.
  4. Predict tomorrow’s rain and subtract it from your watering schedule.
  5. Measure your soil’s moisture and adjust your water schedule as appropriate.

In addition to all of this, you’d also have to know your soil type and factor in sun exposure versus shade.

Automated Irrigation Adjustments

undefinedWhen you use Conserva Irrigation of North Houston as your irrigation service provider, we’ll help you automate your sprinkler system for optimal irrigation no matter what the weather does.

Our SMART irrigation systems include weather sensors with historical and geographical data built-in. Our soil sensors will keep track of ground moisture. And our smart controllers read data from all components and automatically tweak your watering schedule to provide ONLY the water that is required to keep a healthy lawn and landscape.

Our expert team of certified irrigation technicians can even zone your property for even further optimization based on soil types and sun exposure.

Smart Irrigation for the Win

Choosing Conserva Irrigation of North Houston as your SMART irrigation provider is a win-win-win-win! You get expert and professional service. You save money on your water bill. You conserve water – great for the planet. And you enjoy the peace-of-mind knowing your sprinkler system is being well taken care of. Call today to schedule a free inspection or maintenance visit.

Contact us today and learn more about our irrigation services.