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Pre-Pool Installation Irrigation Services Can Save You Thousands

Are you having a swimming pool installed in your backyard? I bet you and your family are excited to have a refreshing place to relax, right in your own backyard. There are many considerations when adding a pool, but one specific thing is often overlooked. Your irrigation system!

  • Did you know your irrigation system includes water lines buried underground?
  • Did you know your swimming pool installers don’t deal with those lines in an efficient and caring way?

Irrigation Lines Damaged

What we most often see after a swimming pool has been installed is a completely ripped up irrigation system. Sometimes we even arrive on the scene to water leaking everywhere.

When the swimming pool installers excavate your property, they simply dig up your irrigation lines a toss them aside with the dirt.

The cost to fix and reconnect a system that is this damaged is much more expensive than if you call in an irrigation system team ahead of time to prepare your system for the process.

Our Swimming Pool Installation Irrigation Service

protect your sprinkler system during swimming pool installationWe recommend you call us out before excavation begins. By doing so, you’ll save approximately $4,000-$5,000.


When we arrive before a swimming pool excavation we will map out your entire North Houston sprinkler system, cap your lines, cap your main, and elevate them so we can find them easily for repairs after the pool company has completed the installation.

Without this process, we spend a great deal of time and labor finding your lines and determining how to redirect them around the pool before we can even begin doing the work. If we come in at the start, we’ll have a plan in place, and have your system prepared for the pool installation so that our services will only cost you around $400-$600 to put it all back -- depending on the size of the pool and the system and how much damage the pool installation causes.

Give us a call today to find out more about how we can help save you repair costs after your impending swimming pool installation.

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