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Fall Lawn Care For The Perfect Texas Spring Lawn

While spring and summer are seasons where your lawn thrives and is the lushest it will be all year, Fall is a critical time of year as it pertains to the condition of your yard when Spring rolls around. Many homeowners do not know how important it is to properly care for your lawn before it goes into dormancy for Winter. By taking the necessary steps and preparation of your lawn in the Fall, you can have the perfect Spring lawn ready and waiting for you. Here are some ways you can prep for the Spring with Fall lawn care.

Keep Watering Your Lawn

It is important to keep a regular sprinkler system schedule through the Fall leading up to Winter. Do not trust the weather to do all the watering for you, because many people rely too heavily on the season to do all the work for them. In order to keep your grass healthy, it needs to be getting at least an inch of water each week up until the first frosts around October.

Rake the Yard: Get Rid of the Leaves

When leaves pile up on your lawn, they block the light from reaching the grass underneath. They also create an environment that fungus can thrive in. If you leave the leaves on your lawn come Spring you will find all the grass underneath to be dead. There is an easy way to prevent this: just rake or blow the leaves! Move the leaves into the edges of your yard or into natural areas, anywhere off the grass to keep it protected.

Keep Cutting the Grass

Grass will grow until the first frost, not just when the weather cools off. To have the healthiest grass, it needs to be a height proportional to the root system depth. If you leave your grass too long before it goes dormant, it can become susceptible to fungi, and if it’s too short it will not be able to withstand the cold as well. Keep cutting your grass to the proper height until the first frost for the best results in Spring.

It is very important to take the best care of your lawn all year, which means all the way until dormancy. Call Conserva Irrigation of North Houston today for all your irrigation and sprinkler system needs. An efficiently running sprinkler system is one of the most important steps to proper lawn care any time of year. (281) 843-8465 We look forward to hearing from you.

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