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How To Save A Ton of Water - A Little Each Day

While installing a smart irrigation system in your yard is an excellent way to conserve a substantial amount of water, it is only one of the countless ways to save water. There are many actions you take everyday indoors and outdoors that use up much more water than you would think. Just by simply being mindful of the times when we use water each day can help conserve thousands of gallons of water. Here are some helpful ways you can start conserving water day-to-day that will have an impact on your conservation.

  1. Fix Your Faucets – Leaky faucets can waste over 140 gallons of water per week.
  2. Mind Your Faucets – Don’t leave your faucets running while doing things like brushing teeth or washing dishes. Faucets can put off up to four gallons a minute so try not to leave them on purposelessly.
  3. Shower Habits – Cutting back on the time you spend in the shower can save up to 1,000 gallons of water each month! Try to keep it punctual and make sure the shower head is efficient as well.
  4. Toilet Running? Better Catch It – Toilets can silently leak, so test yours to see if it may be leaking. The toilet flapper can cause your toilet to run if it doesn’t close properly so replace it if yours is dysfunctional.
  5. Flush Only When Necessary – Flushing the toilet uses up around five to seven gallons of water. Don’t flush things down the toilet unnecessarily.
  6. Smart Irrigation Decisions – You do not necessarily need to water your lawn on a set schedule. If your grass doesn’t spring back up when stepped on, it’s time to water. It is better to soak the grass to the roots less often than to sprinkle it often. Using Toro’s ET Weather Sensor and EVOLUTION controller can automatically handle adjusting your irrigation schedule based on weather and soil conditions.
  7. Plant Heartier Plants – Use plants in your landscaping that require less water to survive and can handle the heat. This will free up water usage that can be applied elsewhere in your yard or home.

If you don’t yet have a SMART irrigation system, call Conserva Irrigation of North Houston today. We offer sprinkler upgrades, retrofits, repairs, and inspections for The Woodlands, Spring, and all of North Houston, to help make your sprinkler system more efficient. We look forward to hearing from you.

For more, read the City of Humble’s water conservation checklist.

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