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More Water on Your Lawn ≠ Better Grass

There is a common fallacy among homeowners in that they think by watering their lawn more often actually helps the grass. Nothing could be further from the truth. The fact is, by doing so you’re actually making the roots of the grass weak and essentially “drowning” them, which is why those who continue to over water their lawn seem to be in a constant, uphill battle with trying to maintain its beauty and overall health.

Good Roots Are Essential

Whether we’re talking metaphorical roots as in one’s ancestry, or literal roots of trees and other plants, one thing is common — roots are essential to life. Just because blades of grass are minuscule to trees doesn’t mean their roots are any less important to their development and health. Like you and me, plants and their roots need air to breathe. Too much water will literally drown your grass, thus making roots weak, if not killing them. Either way, over watering makes your lawn much more susceptible to disease and insect damage. Furthermore, this makes room for other, more resilient plants (also known as weeds) to move in and take over, making your turf unhealthy, ugly, and very difficult to control.

Too much water can waste more money than just on your water bill

Obviously, over watering your lawn will cost you much more money on your water bill. But there are other things that are often overlooked in over watering that also waste money, like fertilizer. Think about it — if you fertilize your lawn and then proceed to drown it, it dilutes the fertilizer, reducing its effectiveness. That is if it doesn’t wash it away altogether. Which means you’ll find yourself buying and applying even more fertilizer, and the maddening cycle will continue.

Will I get dry brown turf by making my North Houston sprinkler system more efficient?

Not at all. At Conserva Irrigation of North Houston, our entire purpose it to make sure that you have the most healthy, lush green lawn while using the least amount of water possible. It’s what’s we do, and who we are. Which is why we offer everyone a FREE, no-obligation North Houston sprinkler system inspection (valued at $150) to identify any areas where your irrigation system could use some improvement. Should we find any areas in need of help, we offer up-front pricing and are completely equipped to handle any sprinkler system repairs on the spot, with no need to make another appointment. Saving water and saving you money is our ultimate goal, and we’re happy to say that the majority of our customers claim between 40-60% less water usage and thus, a significant reduction in their water bills.

Call Conserva Irrigation of North Houston today at (281) 843-8465 today to schedule your FREE sprinkler system inspection (a $150 value). Or, simply fill out out the contact form on our homepage and we’ll reach out to you. No matter how we get in touch, we look forward to helping you save money, save water, and have a beautiful lawn!

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