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Sprinkler Services

Sprinkler Services in Charlotte

Residential Sprinkler Solutions

When looking for professional services, you shouldn’t trust just anyone with vital systems for your home. Your irrigation system is critical in the upkeep of your property and the health of your lawn, so you deserve an experienced team to help when there’s an issue. At Conserva Irrigation of Charlotte South, our certified sprinkler service and repair technicians support you in ensuring your sprinklers provide adequate watering throughout the year.

Hiring our Charlotte team to maintain your sprinkler system means you get comprehensive, effective, and efficient solutions that innately help you save up to 60% of water. Our sprinkler services focus on conserving water for future generations and protecting our plant. How many residential and commercial lawn irrigation companies can say that?

Need sprinkler repair services today? Call (704) 389-5770 and ask about our free inspection!

A Free Sprinkler Inspection to Protect Your Irrigation System

Many property owners inherit irrigation systems and don’t always get an instruction or operation manual, resulting in poor water pressure, dry zones, and significant malfunctions. Fortunately, our Charlotte lawn irrigation pros offer a free inspection that protects your entire system, including sensors, controllers, and sprinkler heads.

Your sprinkler inspection includes:

  • A complete analysis of your sprinkler system
  • A visual review of sprinkler heads to ensure consistent and efficient operation
  • Performing a detailed inspection of each sprinkler head to locate cracks or leaks
  • Completing a System Efficiency Score analysis of your sprinkler system
  • Providing you with an overview of sprinkler system inefficiencies and a repair estimate

With a full evaluation of your sprinkler system, you’ll experience fewer issues and less maintenance, giving you more time to spend enjoying the beauty of your yard.

Sprinkler System Issues We Can Help Solve

Sprinkler components are prone to issues because of age, constant use, and various other factors. We often see some of the following problems and have the experience and equipment to take care of them accurately.

Inconsistent Watering

Dry patches and overly watered areas on your lawn usually result from suction leaks in a pump-fed system, which prevents steady water flow to all zones. We’ll inspect valves, wiring connections, and the controller for any problems.

Clogged Sprinkler Heads

A clogged head is one of the most common issues you’ll find with a lawn irrigation system. Typically, you’ll notice water distribution issues with severely clogged pop-up sprinklers. We thoroughly clean heads inside and out to ensure they’re clear of dirt and debris.

Poor Drainage

While drainage issues aren’t a direct sprinkler system malfunction, they can affect your yard significantly. Additionally, it’s important to have proper drainage with a lawn irrigation system. When you trust us to assist you with the health of your lawn, we offer and install various drainage solutions.

Our Charlotte lawn irrigation experts analyze the problem and present viable repair options that help extend the life of your system and ensure consistent and efficient operation.

Call (704) 389-5770 for more information about our sprinkler services in Charlotte and request your free sprinkler inspection today!