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Professional Irrigation System Repair & Maintenance in Winnetka, Illinois

If your irrigation system in Winnetka, IL, is in need of critical repairs, call Conserva Irrigation of Northwest Chicago. After all, we offer all new customers a 100% free sprinkler system inspection, so you have absolutely nothing to lose by giving us a call. Furthermore, we utilize flat-rate pricing when we provide your repair estimate, so you never have to worry about any surprise fees! 

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Our highly trained irrigation technicians will inspect the entirety of your irrigation system to ensure no stone is left unturned. We search for any issues that impact your irrigation system's overall effectiveness, as well as its efficiency. It's why we're known in the irrigation industry as Your Sprinkler System Caretakers™. If you're looking for the best-of-the-best in irrigation system repairs in Winnetka, IL, request your complimentary sprinkler system inspection today by calling us anytime at (847) 380-8536!

Smart Irrigation System Installation in Winnetka, Illinois

For the best in smart irrigation system installation in Winnetka, IL, rely on the industry leaders at Conserva Irrigation! We pride ourselves on being the industry leaders in the utilization of smart irrigation technology. If you're wondering what a smart irrigation system can do for your lawn and landscape, it's an understatement to to say, it's a lot! We will evaluate your property to ensure that the perfect system is designed for your yard and your yard alone. We'll take into account the different nozzles for different zones, as well as the slope of your lawn and sunlight exposure levels.

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Next, we'll employ the use of best irrigation controller on the market - the Hydrawise WiFi controller, as well as a wireless rain sensor. To put it simply, a Conserva Irrigation smart sprinkler system utilizes up to 60% less water than your standard irrigation system out there. Call today for your free quote at (847) 380-8536.

Professional Irrigation System Winterization in Winnetka, Illinois

To keep your Winnetka, IL irrigation system in good working order during the winter, it is essential to winterize it. You may avoid expensive repairs and prolong the life of your system by winterizing it correctly before the cold weather sets in. To avoid freezing and the subsequent damage that can occur, including burst pipes, cracked valves, and damaged sprinkler heads, it is necessary to drain the whole system of water. Furthermore, by protecting component integrity, minimizing leak risk, and extending the lifespan of your irrigation system, winterization helps safeguard your investment. 


In addition, before the spring season begins, winterizing your irrigation system in Winnetka, IL helps keep it efficient and performing well. To prevent ice from forming and obstructing water flow, it is important to drain the lines and components of any water. Starting up a system that has been winterized correctly is easier in the spring, and there will be less need for maintenance and repairs. If you want your irrigation system to be ready to irrigate your landscape efficiently and reliably when the weather warms up again, winterization is an investment you should make.

Springtime Irrigation System Startup in Winnetka, Illinois

Sprinkler heads are adjusted for best coverage during summerization, the main water supply is turned back on, any damaged or leaky components are checked, and the controller is programmed to accommodate seasonal watering needs. In order to fix any problems that may have developed over the winter months, they may also clean or replace filters, adjust spray patterns, and evaluate the system's overall performance. 

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To sum up, summerization is a must if you want your irrigation system to be ready to water your landscape at the right rate during summer, which will encourage healthy development and keep your lawn and gardens looking beautiful.

Custom Yard Drainage Solutions in Winnetka, Illinois

On your property, have you found any water pools or soft spots? Nothing good will come out of having water collect in your yard. Damage to your lawn and landscaping, as well as a rise in mold and fungus, will result from its use. Fortunately, if you want to avoid water pooling, Conserva Irrigation provides comprehensive drainage solutions. 

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No two drainage problems are identical. First and foremost, consider your property and your unique considerations while making your decision. After a member of our skilled crew inspects your property, they will talk to you about your experiences during heavy rains and your expectations for the project. After that, we will provide the most suitable option for you.

Call today for any and all of your irrigation system repair installation, winterization, startup, and for your yard drainage solutions. You can reach us anytime by calling us at (847) 380-8536 or by filling out our contact form. We very much look forward to hearing from you soon!