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Lawn Winterization Services in Leesburg

Supporting Your Sprinkler and Irrigation Systems During Winter

Preparing for the inevitable will help keep your irrigation system operating at total capacity in all seasons. In Leesburg, we’ve experienced some of the harshest winter conditions, with temperatures as low as 26 degrees Fahrenheit (-3 degrees Celsius). Typically, winters are frigid and snowy, creating issues for homeowners with sprinklers and other irrigation equipment.

At Conserva Irrigation of Leesburg-Sterling, we offer winterization and blowout services in Leesburg, Sterling and beyond, helping adjust your sprinkler settings to account for the drop in temperature. We make sure your system is void of any lingering water that could freeze, and we turn off the controller, evaluate the current condition of your irrigation system, and generate a detailed winterization report for your records. Following this process, we communicate our findings, provide you with repair options, and a detailed estimate. This information is designed to help you make an informed decision about the next steps.

For more details about our winterization and blowout services, call (571) 200-3580 today.

The Benefits of Winterization and Blowout Services

January is usually the coldest month for our community, but winter preparation should happen long before conditions get severe. Our lawn irrigation technicians have a proven process that protects your sprinkler system from winter damage.

Some of the benefits of our winterization services in Leesburg and Sterling include:

  • Eliminating frozen water lines – Sitting water will freeze if not evacuated from pipes. Frozen water that sits long enough can cause severe damage to your sprinkler heads and lead to costly repairs down the road.
  • Saving on energy costs – Watering is still a vital aspect of maintaining a healthy lawn. However, during colder months, you shouldn’t have to use as much water. Our licensed professionals can help you reduce energy costs significantly during winter with our comprehensive winterizing program.
  • Protecting against burst or damaged heads – We help protect your irrigation system from long-term and irreparable deterioration with best-in-class winterizing services. The cost to perform winterization is cheaper than repairing system issues.

Additionally, we offer our No Freeze Damage Guarantee®. This ensures that we’ll return to fix any (rarely occurring) issues after we winterize your sprinkler system at no extra cost to you.

Our seasoned technicians prioritize your needs by offering effective and detailed winterization solutions. We know you expect quality results, and we can deliver them without compromising our workmanship.

Request an appointment today or call our winterization technicians in Leesburg and Sterling at (571) 200-3580.

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