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The Hidden Culprit of Water Waste: Why We Only Install Pressure-Regulated Spray Heads 💧🔧

Water conservation is a critical issue, especially in lawn care. While smart controllers are part of the solution, another key player often overlooked is the spray head. That's why we only install pressure-regulated spray heads with check valves, specifically the Irritrol Pro Head Sprays.

The Problem with Standard Spray Heads 🚫💦

Standard spray heads often release water at a higher pressure than necessary. This causes misting, uneven coverage, and ultimately, significant water waste.

The Regulatory Landscape 📜

Pressure-regulated spray heads are becoming a requirement in an increasing number of states. This regulation underscores their effectiveness in water conservation.

Staggering Savings: Up to 40% Water Savings Per Head 💧📊

Switching to pressure-regulated spray heads can result in up to 40% water savings at an individual head. These savings quickly add up across your entire lawn, providing both environmental and financial benefits.

Why We Choose Irritrol Pro Head Sprays 🎯

Pressure Regulation: These heads automatically control water pressure, ensuring efficient usage.

Check Valves: Each Irritrol Pro Head Spray comes with a built-in check valve, a feature we'll discuss in more depth in a future post.

Compliance: By using these heads, we ensure that our installations are in line with emerging state regulations, offering you a future-proof solution.

Key Benefits 🌿💰

Water Conservation: These spray heads significantly reduce water waste, providing both environmental and financial benefits.

Uniform Coverage: Achieve an even spread of water across your lawn, ensuring all areas are adequately hydrated.

Reduced Runoff: Lower pressure means less water runoff, keeping water on your lawn and out of the streets.

Conclusion 🌱

Pressure-regulated spray heads, like the Irritrol Pro Head Sprays we use, are an essential but often overlooked component in an efficient irrigation system. By installing these in all our systems, we aim to offer an environmentally responsible and cost-effective solution for our customers.

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