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Fall Lawn Care in the South: Saving Water and Preparing Your Lawn for Football Season 🍂🏈💧

In the south, fall doesn't mean bundling up and heading indoors—quite the opposite. With the beautiful weather and football season in full swing, your lawn is likely still a hub of activity. But that doesn't mean you can slack off on lawn care. Fall is a critical time for your grass, and it's also when a lot of water gets wasted. Here's how to keep your lawn in tip-top shape without wasting resources.

Why Fall Lawn Care is Still a Must 📆🏈

The football season is upon us, and what's better than enjoying the game on a lush, green lawn? To keep it that way, St. Augustine grass requires targeted care during the fall.

Aerate and Overseed 🌿

This season is the perfect time to aerate your lawn, helping nutrients, water, and oxygen reach the roots. St. Augustine grass, known for its density, particularly benefits from this.

Optimal Fertilization for St. Augustine 🌱

In early fall, treat your St. Augustine lawn to a balanced fertilizer that encourages robust root growth and vibrant color. 🌈

Adjust Your Sprinkler Settings Now ⏲️

Football season and cooler temperatures often distract from lawn maintenance, leading to unnecessary water waste. That's why now is the perfect time to adjust your sprinkler system's "Seasonal Adjust" setting:

  1. Identify Your Sprinkler Model: Consult your manual. 📘

  2. Access the Seasonal Adjust Menu: Navigate to this feature. ⚙️

  3. Set the Percentage: Aim for 70-80% of your summer watering schedule. 📉

  4. Run a Test: Make sure it's working as it should. ✅

A Red Flag on Water Conservation 💧🚩

With all the excitement of football season, it's easy to overlook the excess water your sprinklers may be pouring onto your lawn. Be mindful; this is the season when water is often most wasted. Adjust your watering habits to match the needs of your lawn.

Pruning and Cleanup 🍁

Don't let fallen leaves and overgrown shrubs mess with your lawn's water absorption. A little fall cleanup goes a long way. ✂️

Conclusion 🎯

Whether you're enjoying football or the great outdoors this fall, don't neglect your lawn. From smart water management to targeted fertilization, make the most of this season to set the stage for a beautiful lawn next year. 🌳 Need professional help with your sprinkler system? Contact us for a seasonal check-up. 📞

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