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Drip Irrigation

Drip Irrigation in Boise

Reduce Water Waste & Ensure a Greener Tomorrow

Your lawn is only as good as your watering system – so is your wallet. Today, every property owner needs to think green when it comes to watering their lawn, whether that’s ensuring things are looking great, water bills are staying low, and water is being conserved. At Conserva Irrigation of Greater Boise, we help homeowners and businesses achieve all three with expert drip irrigation services.

How Does Drip Irrigation Work?

Drip irrigation drips water right into the roots of your plants, flowers, or even cops! This irrigation method can virtually water every part of your home’s lawn but is particularly useful in watering smaller areas of your property, like:

  • Raised garden and flower beds
  • Flower beds or other plant containers
  • Vegetable gardens and low-growing crops

Drip irrigation is easily adaptable to any lawn. Drip irrigation can still be used if you already have a sprinkler or traditional irrigation system installed!

Pros of Using Drip Irrigation & Drip Watering

Aside from being able to effectively water even the smallest intricacies and details of your home’s landscape, utilizing drip irrigation allows you to:

  • Minimize Water Runoff – You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your plants are getting the exact amount of water they need without soaking your driveway in the process.
  • Water More Efficiently – Drip irrigation allows water to go directly to the root. This means you’ll use less water overall, avoid weed growth, and require less lawn care.
  • Save You Money Not only are drip irrigation systems easy to install, but less water also means less money spent on watering your lawn! You’ll love the financial benefit of turning to irrigation.
  • Experience A Healthier Lawn –Your lawn will get the right amount of water on a regular basis, so you can expect things to be greener and more appealing. This consistent watering also avoids the growth of fungus and disease, which occurs easily on wet plants.

Wondering if Drip Irrigation is Good for Your Lawn? Request Your Inspection!

At Conserva Irrigation of Greater Boise, we provide the design and installation services you need to upgrade your lawn with drip irrigation and many more methods of efficient watering. Regardless of the size of your property or the existing watering system you have in place, call our team! We offer 12-point inspections, giving you a better idea of what Conserva can do for your lawn.

Give us a call at (208) 369-9783 for professional drip irrigation service in Boise and the nearby areas!