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Irrigation Repair and Installation

Irrigation Repair & Installation in Caldwell

Let’s Do Our Part for the Environment Together

At Conserva Irrigation of West Treasure Valley, we specialize in one thing, and we do it well. Our team provides irrigation repairs and installations that save you money on your monthly bills while giving your lawn the exact amount of water it needs and not a drop more. Irrigation system runoff wastes more than a billion gallons of water a day, which is why we began our business.

Having professionals repair your irrigation system gives you the benefits of:

  • A longer lifespan for your system

  • A lush, vibrant lawn with no missing spots

  • Minimal-to-no drainage or runoff problems

  • A customized solution for your needs, schedule, and budget

If your irrigation or sprinkler system isn’t working efficiently, you’re wasting hard-earned money on water that you’re not benefitting from. Plus, that excess water may be causing more harm to your landscape than good. Have you found wet, mushy spots throughout your yard? That’s an indicator of a problem with the system. Instead of ignoring it or dumping money into a replacement, optimize your system and save that water for future generations – your wallet will thank you.

Of course, we understand that each situation is unique. There will be different components of your system that need repairs from others, which is why we havean experienced irrigation technician first walk your property to gather details on:

  • Sun Exposure

  • Lawn Slopes

  • Planted Landscape

  • Patios & Decks

This inspection is free, and we’ll share everything we found in order of importance so you can make the most informed decisions on your repair service. As we begin your project, we’ll map out zones with color-coded flags throughout your property. These colors indicate which nozzle or head we'll use in each zone. We’ll also mark your neighbor’s property to ensure their sprinkler heads remain intact during our installation process. You're in good hands with our passionate team.

Request irrigation repair and installation in Caldwell online or call (208) 369-9783.