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Irrigation Repair

Irrigation Repair in West Chicagoland

Restore Your Sprinkler System's Efficiency & Your Lawn's Beauty

How well does your irrigation system work? Whether you're experiencing leaks, frequent water runoff, or any other problem with your sprinkler system, turn to the team at Conserva Irrigation of West Chicagoland for help! Our irrigation company offers professional diagnostic and repair services to help you identify and repair whatever issue is compromising the efficiency and reliability of your irrigation system.

Common Problems for Irrigation Systems

Without regular maintenance, irrigation systems can develop a host of problems that cause changes to your lawn's health and water usage. Putting a stop to these problems early on can save you money on future repairs, wasted water, and more.

Some of the most common lawn irrigation problems we solve throughout West Chicagoland include:

My System is Leaking

Whether due to an accidental runover by a lawnmower or something unknown to you, leaking irrigation systems can waste upwards of 7,000 gallons of water per month, leaving your lawn soggy and your water bill expensive.

With the help of our irrigation experts, you'll be able to pinpoint what may be causing your system to leak, whether it's a cracked line, broken seals, or worn-out equipment, and deliver a repair so it works better than ever.

My Sprinkler Head Won't Spray

While sprinkler heads may leak, some homeowners deal with sprinklers that refuse to do basic functions like spraying, retracting, and more. When this happens, the whole sprinkler head may need to be cleaned or even replaced!

My Lawn is Underwatered or Overwatered

If your sprinklers are watering your driveway instead of your lawn, or your grass is always too wet or too dry, it's likely because your irrigation system is not properly placed. We can inspect your lawn and help you set up the irrigation system to get the most out of the money you've invested into your lawn.

Request Help from Our Irrigation Repair Company

Regardless of the problems you've encountered with your current system, Conserva Irrigation of West Chicagoland can help you troubleshoot and maintain your irrigation system. We'll inspect your irrigation system free of charge to pinpoint any issues that may exist, such as leaks in the lines or problems with the controls, giving you a full rundown on the health of your system.

We'll let you know how we can repair it and even schedule a second trip if needed. As your Chicagoland irrigation specialists, we're dedicated to helping you obtain your dream lawn with irrigation repair services that ensure your system is as efficient as it is reliable.

Schedule your sprinkler inspection and repair in the West Chicagoland area today – dial (630) 474-6425 to get started!