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Northeastern Wisconsin

Northeastern Wisconsin Irrigation & Sprinklers

Is it time to turn your sprinkler system on in northeastern Wisconsin?

As your more than aware, it’s a necessity to have your home’s irrigation system winterized here in northeastern Wisconsin by a professional irrigation technician. Additionally, it’s just as necessary to have your irrigation system started up by a professional irrigation technician. With the extremely frigid temperature that we experience here in Wisconsin during the winter months, there’s a lot that could go wrong with your system due to the extreme cold. At Conserva Irrigation, when we arrive to start up your sprinkler system, we’ll also perform a full sprinkler system inspection to ensure that it’s operating properly and there aren’t any new problems as a result of the bone-chilling temperatures.

Here’s what your professional spring sprinkler system startup includes:

  • Professionally start up your system controller
  • Program the controller to conserve water and optimize root development
  • Test rain sensors and other sensors
  • Inspect and adjust all heads
  • Complete our free Comprehensive system analysis (SES)
  • Flag all problem areas and provide a report to you

Call Conserva Irrigation at (920) 626-8275 to learn more about our spring sprinkler turn on! We look forward to working with you!

Why You Should Rely on Conserva For Your Sprinkler System Startup

Waiting too long to have your irrigation system started up can result in finding out nearly every irrigation company is completely booked up! Chances are that if you don’t have a company in line to start up your system by early to mid-April, you may not be able to have a professional out until late in the season.

When attempting to do it yourself, don’t forget about the unknown; specifically, you don’t know what you don’t know. Is your wiper seal leaking water? If so, it may look like a little now, but you’ll be wasting hundreds, if not thousands, of gallons of water through the course of the season.

Also, be cautious of sub-rate contractors. More than likely, most sub-rate contractors simply won’t have the attention to detail you’ll see from the professionals at Conserva. With sub-rate contractors, you’ll have someone come to your home and turn on your system, that’s it. You may pay less in the short-term, but you’ll more than likely end up paying more in the long-run.

Call Conserva Irrigation for all your northeastern Wisconsin sprinkler system startup needs at (920) 626-8275!

Northeastern Wisconsin Irrigation System Inspection (SES)

While you may think that your sprinkler system’s operating “just fine”, that’s probably because you don’t’ have x-ray vision. A huge portion of your irrigation system is underground. This is the area where you stand to waste the most water – especially if there’s a main sprinkler system line leak. Through our comprehensive sprinkler system inspection, we’ll uncover any problem areas and provide you with a report depicting exactly how efficient your sprinkler system is operating. Not only will we uncover leaking or broken heads, lateral line cracks and other problem areas, but we’ll also find out if your sprinkler system’s controller is programmed correctly and if you’re using a weather sensor (preferably a weather sensor that’s still functioning properly).

Northeastern Wisconsin Irrigation System Maintenance

At Conserva Irrigation, we prefer to take a proactive approach to sprinkler systems. Through proper maintenance of your existing sprinkler system, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that your system has been serviced and will be operating effectively and efficiently for the entirety of the watering season. At Conserva Irrigation, we offer several different, affordable maintenance packages that can help ensure that your sprinkler system is working properly and conserving water – all the while saving you money.