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Irrigation Installation

Green Bay Irrigation System Services

Conserva Irrigation of Green Bay is the premier choice for lawn irrigation system installation in Brown County, Outagamie County, Winnebago County and Manitowoc County. The key to having and keeping a healthy lawn and landscape is having an irrigation system that is both highly effective and efficient. Smart irrigation technology will ensure that your sprinkler system only powers on in specific zones and provide the perfect amount of water. Delivering the optimal amount of water to your lawn and landscape will result in a stronger, healthier root structure. Additionally, unlike older, antiquated and wasteful irrigation systems, your highly sophisticated smart irrigation system uses 40 – 60% less water – ultimately saving you money while keeping your lawn and landscape looking great all season long!

Green Bay Irrigation System Installation Process

Our highly trained and experienced irrigation technicians will assess your entire property to ensure we take every variable into account. This ensures that your lawn's irrigation system is tailored specifically to meet the needs of your yard's grass, shrubs, and foliage. No two yards are the same, which is why our irrigation services are personalized for each of our customers.

Key variables we note during our irrigation inspection include:

  • Drainage rates in different areas of your yard
  • The sun-level exposure in different areas of your yard
  • The specific type of soil present in your yard
  • The number of slopes in your yard
  • What types of vegetation and plant life will need irrigation

After taking all these variables into account, we’ll then design a custom-tailored Toro® smart irrigation system that will provide the precise amount of irrigation necessary to each individual zone in your yard. Through the utilization of the latest and greatest in smart irrigation technology, your yard will look excellent all season long and you’ll use up to 60% less water!

The combination of the Toro EVOLUTION® Smart Controller, ET® Weather Sensor and Precision™ Soil Sensor will bring your home’s irrigation system into the 21st century and ensure that your lawn and landscape receive the perfect amount of irrigation and not one drop more!

Trust The Green Bay Irrigation System Experts

At Conserva Irrigation of Green Bay, our goal is always to leave every yard better than we found it – our equipment for water line installation minimizes any disturbance to vegetation. Your landscaping will look healthier than perhaps it ever has, with an irrigation system that provides just the right amount of water.

Our Green Bay irrigation company is able to achieve such phenomenal results through our time-tested process of inspecting the current efficiencies of your system and pinpointing areas for improvement. Our irrigation technicians receive specialized training and have a thorough understanding of the nuances of the Green Bay climate. You’ll receive a full rundown of your options in order of importance, so you can choose exactly which irrigation repairs and upgrades you’d like.

Use less water. Enjoy more savings. Maintain a healthy landscape. Call Conserva Irrigation of Green Bay today to schedule your sprinkler system installation consultation today!