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Revolutionizing Residential Irrigation: Why Toro Precision® Spray Nozzles Are the Future


In a world increasingly aware of environmental impact, water conservation is more crucial than ever. As Houston's leading residential irrigation contractor focused on water conservation, we continually strive to implement technologies that make a difference both to your lawn and the environment. That's why we're excited to introduce the cutting-edge Toro Precision® Spray Nozzles into our service offerings. This innovation is especially remarkable when compared to the commonly used VAN (Variable Arc Nozzles), which can consume more than three times the amount of water.

The Prevalence of VAN Nozzles: A Concern

Variable Arc Nozzles (VAN) are omnipresent in residential irrigation systems around Houston. While they offer adaptability, they come at a cost—excessive water usage. Many of these VAN nozzles are guilty of inefficiencies that can result in water wastage, costing homeowners more money and draining valuable resources. It's not uncommon to find VAN nozzles using three times the amount of water than what could be considered efficient. This is where Toro Precision® Spray Nozzles are a game-changer.

What Makes Toro Precision® Spray Nozzles Stand Out?

Patented H²0 Chip Technology

Toro's patented H²O chip technology ensures efficient water usage. The chip creates high-frequency oscillating streams to achieve desired arc and radius. The result? One-third less water consumption compared to traditional nozzles.

Maximized Irrigation Efficiency

These spray nozzles boast an industry-first 1”/hour precipitation rate, far better than the more commonly found rates. This improved rate better matches the soil's natural infiltration capabilities, ensuring minimal runoff and water waste.

Design and Retrofit Effectiveness

Thanks to their lower flow rate, Toro Precision® Spray Nozzles allow for better design efficiency, saving on overall material costs. They can be retrofitted into existing systems, optimizing performance without a complete overhaul.

Competitive Advantages

Improved Distribution Uniformity (DU)

The new spray nozzles have measurable improvements in Distribution Uniformity (DU), raising rates from 40-50% to an impressive 68-72%. Higher DU means greater efficiency, aligning perfectly with our ultimate goal of water conservation.

Flexibility in Implementation

Since Toro Precision® Spray Nozzles require no run time changes, you can implement them in stages. Whether replacing one nozzle or several, you'll begin to see water savings immediately.


The recommendation has always been to leave run times unchanged while banking the reduction in water used. With Toro Precision® Spray Nozzles, this reduction can be between 35-45%, offering tangible savings right from the meter.

Why Make the Switch?

Water Conservation: Given the significant reduction in water usage, making the switch is a responsible choice for the environment.

Cost Savings: Less water usage directly translates into lower water bills, making the nozzles an investment that pays for itself.

Efficiency: Improved DU translates into better irrigation for your lawns, achieving better results with less resource expenditure.


In our mission to be Houston's most responsible and efficient residential irrigation contractor, we believe that innovations like Toro Precision® Spray Nozzles are the future. These nozzles not only outperform the commonly used VAN nozzles but also align with our company ethos of water conservation and superior service. Make the switch today and experience the difference in your lawn and your water bill.

If you are interested in retrofitting your existing irrigation system with Toro Precision® Spray Nozzles, contact us today for a comprehensive consultation and quote.

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