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Sprinkler Repair

Sprinkler System Repair Services in Columbus, OH

Affordable Sprinkler Repair Near You

When was the last time you had your irrigation system checked? If it’s been far too long or you’re experiencing issues with consistent watering, it’s time to call in the pros. Conserva Irrigation of Columbus is proud to have earned a reputation for reliability.

We’ll inspect your current setup and educate you on the best solution options at your disposal. And, of course, we’ll present you with transparent pricing upfront before any work begins.

That way you know exactly what you’re paying for. Forget surprise charges or hidden fees; you deserve to have the information. We realize that not every business can say the same. But honesty is part of what makes us the go-to solution for home and business owners in need of sprinkler repair in Columbus.

Looking for irrigation repair near you? Give our team a call at (614) 420-2477 or contact us online to get started!

Common Sprinkler Problems

We commonly help with sprinkler repair for:

  • A faulty sprinkler controller – you may find that your system isn’t activating when it should be or is staying on too long.
  • Zone leaks – if you’re finding that excess water is coming from one or more zones, there is a high chance a leak is hiding somewhere.
  • Buzzing sounds – if you hear buzzing sounds like static in your pump, your sprinkler’s relay system isn’t working. Which means you’ll soon have inactive sprinkler heads.
  • Ineffective head height – if you place sprinkler heads too high, they can miss areas, and if they’re too low, they can drench nearby spots.
  • Water pressure problems – poor water pressure can stem from a system design flaw, faulty hardware, or a blockage. All those issues which hinder the sprinkler’s effectiveness.

Unfortunately, there are many times when people don’t know their sprinkler system is waving a red flag until it’s too late. That’s why it’s critical to schedule services the moment you think something is off.

The faster you hire a professional for sprinkler repairs in Columbus, the more likely you are to keep your problems minimal. And when you have a team you can rely on, the process becomes much easier.

Sprinkler System Troubleshooting: Low Pressure

Is your sprinkler system experiencing low water pressure? There could be a few possible causes.

  • Check the water source: The first thing you should do if you notice that your sprinkler system has low water pressure is to check the water source. If you have a municipal water supply, it is possible that the city has reduced the water pressure for some reason. You should also check to see if there are any valves that are closed that could be restricting the flow of water to your sprinkler system.
  • Check the valves: Another potential cause of low water pressure in your sprinkler system is a problem with the valves. There are two types of valves that are commonly used in sprinkler systems, and both can potentially cause problems if they are not functioning properly. The first type of valve is the main valve, which is responsible for controlling the flow of water to the entire system. The second type of valve is the zone valve, which is responsible for controlling the flow of water to specific zones within the system. If either of these valves is not working properly, it could result in low water pressure.
  • Check for leaks: Leaks are another common cause of low water pressure in sprinkler systems. If there is a leak in one of the pipes or fittings, it will allow some of the water to escape before it ever reaches the sprinklers. This can obviously lead to lower than normal water pressure at the sprinklers. Leaks can be caused by a variety of things, such as corrosion, physical damage, or even freezing and thawing if the pipes are exposed to extreme temperatures.
  • Check for clogs: Clogs can also cause low water pressure in sprinkler systems. If there is a clog somewhere in the system, it will restrict the flow of water and lead to lower than normal pressures at the sprinklers. Clogs can be caused by a variety of things, such as dirt, debris, or even scale buildup from hard water.
  • Check for backflow problems: Backflow problems can also lead to low water pressure in sprinkler systems. Backflow occurs when there is a change in water pressure that causes water to flow backwards through the system instead of forwards. This can obviously lead to lower than normal pressures at the sprinklers since some of the water is flowing backwards instead of forwards.

If you need help identifying the source of your sprinkler system's low water pressure, and correcting the problem, call Conserva Irrigation of Columbus at (614) 420-2477.

Maintaining Your Sprinkler System

There are a few things you can do to maintain your irrigation system. Many homeowners use in-ground irrigation systems to keep their lawns healthy and maintained, and well-maintained sprinkler systems tend to require fewer repairs over time.

Here are a few things to keep in mind to keep your irrigation system in working order:

  • Check for missing or broken sprinkler heads
  • Make sure the sprinkler heads are in the right position for equal water distribution
  • Adjust sprinkler control timers during different seasons of the year

Upgrade to Smart Irrigation Technology

Consider upgrading your outdated sprinkler system to a smart irrigation technology for improved efficiency and water conservation. Smart irrigation systems use weather data and soil moisture levels to automatically adjust watering schedules, ensuring that your lawn and landscape receive the right amount of water at the right time.

Benefits of smart irrigation technology include:

  • Water savings
  • Reduced water bills
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Healthy, vibrant landscape
  • Convenient remote access and control

Our irrigation specialists in Columbus can assess your current system and provide recommendations for upgrading to smart irrigation technology that meets your specific needs and budget.

Sprinkler Repair FAQs

Why does my driveway or street get wet?

If your sprinkler system is watering your street or driveway, it is not only wasteful, but it can also lead to damage. During the freeze/thaw cycle your rotor and spray heads can move causing your system to water other areas. Adjusting the head of your sprinkler system is easy but may require a key. As always, Conserva Irrigation of Columbus is just one call away for any sprinkler head adjustments or replacements.

Why do I have brown spots in my yard?

If you are seeing dry or brown spots in your yard that may be a sign that your sprinkler heads need adjustments. There is also the possibility that the sprinkler head can be clogged with debris.

Why do I have a soft or wet spot in my yard?

When wet spots in your yard start to form, it could mean that a system leak is present. If the issue occurs when your system is off, it could indicate damage to the main line. We advise having this checked out immediately with a professional service provider like Conserva Irrigation of Columbus to avoid further landscape destruction. Repairs can also take care of any damaged sprinkler heads causing unwanted leakage.

Why are my sprinklers running while it's raining?

Does your lawn sprinkler system run even when it's raining? It might be time to inspect the age of your rain sensor—devices older than five years should be replaced for reliable performance. If you don't have one installed, contact our professionals today and get weather-proof protection for your landscape.

Why does my sprinkler system run continuously?

An improperly adjusted automatic sprinkler system may continue to run without stopping, leading to increased water bills and water waste. This can often be caused by a timer set incorrectly, a pressure regulator installed at the wrong setting, or debris blocking valves, preventing the shut-off of water flow.

If your sprinkler system is displaying this issue, contact a professional from Conserva Irrigation of Columbus immediately so that the issue can be identified and corrected before causing damage to your lawn.

How Often Does My Sprinkler System Need To Be Inspected?

As a homeowner, it’s important to ensure your sprinkler system runs efficiently and effectively. That’s why we recommend scheduling sprinkler inspections twice a year.

During the inspection, our irrigation specialists will:

  • Check the water pressure
  • Examine the sprinkler heads and valves for any obstructions or leaks
  • Ensure that the system is configured for optimal water usage
  • Check each support structure and connection point for signs of erosion

Regular inspections allow you to rest easy, knowing your sprinklers are running efficiently throughout the year! Contact Conserva Irrigation of Columbus today to schedule your free sprinkler inspection.

Hire Our Irrigation Specialists in Columbus

Contact our Columbus sprinkler company today, we’ll happily work around your schedule to find a time that suits you. We can finish many repairs within one visit, but we’ll be sure to let you know if your circumstance requires another trip. Make sprinkler maintenance easy with our seasonal sprinkler packages. The most important part is ensuring your lawn receives the perfect amount of water and you’re completely happy with our services. And as a bonus, your optimized system can reduce water usage by up to 60%, which makes your monthly bills much easier to look at.

Dial (614) 420-2477 or contact us online to schedule sprinkler repair in Columbus today!

Image of a broken sprinkler head spraying water everywhere
Conserva Irrigation technician finding a tool to service an irrigation repair

Types of Irrigation Repair We Serve

  • Misaligned Sprinklers

    Misaligned sprinklers deliver water to unintended places while neglecting to water your precious lawn and landscape as desired. Every Conserva technician is equipped with the skills to adjust and/or replace all misaligned sprinkler heads so that water is delivered only to where it is needed.

  • Broken Sprinkler Heads

    Broken sprinkler heads are one of the leading causes of wasted water. A broken head will spew water everywhere except where intended. . If you notice a broken head, first turn off your irrigation water, then call Conserva.

  • Leaking Sprinkler Lines

    Leaking lines can be difficult to spot, and might appear as bubbled up grass or noticed by high water bills. Rest assured, we have seen and repaired everything from minor leaks to total line breaks.

  • Dry Spots or Wet Spots

    Overwatering or underwatering could be caused by poor design, an outdated controller, inefficient sprinkler heads, or anything in between. Our trained experts are ready to troubleshoot the cause and get you on your way to a beautiful, thriving landscape.

What to Expect At Your Irrigation Repair Appointment

1. Assess

You’ve called us for a problem, but instead of just fixing the issue at hand we’ll take the time to find the true cause of the problem. We will start out by assessing your entire system using our System Efficiency Score process, noting any critical repairs and upgrades. We will then discuss the state of your sprinkler system and go over the cost of repairs.

2. Repair & Adjust

We strive to fix your problem on the first visit. This means deploying an expert team equipped with the right tools to fix an issue on the spot, without call-backs. Once your repairs are complete, we will make sure to restore your property to look exactly the way we found it.

3. Optimize

Once the critical repairs are made, your technician will review other opportunities to enhance your sprinkler system’s overall performance. Many enhancements ensure that your system needs fewer repairs and check-ins season after season.

Use 60%* Less Water on Irrigation

We help homeowners become more environmentally responsible while sustaining healthy lawns.

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