Residential Irrigation Packages

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Each of our residential maintenance packages features several comprehensive service offerings that provide routine care and maintenance for your home’s sprinkler system. Learn more about these services in order to choose the package that’s right for you.

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At Conserva Irrigation®, we realize that design and reliability are critical to a successful sprinkler system. Our residential irrigation repair and installation services help to ensure yours is as efficient and effective as possible. Conserva’s advanced systems are specifically designed to help you maximize your water savings—and water conservation means money conservation. Each component we use in our systems is specially selected to provide your landscape with the perfect amount of water at exactly the right time. This can help you reduce water waste by up to 60%, which will have a significant impact on your water bills. Best of all, your lawn will look healthy and beautiful.

Common repairs* include up to 6 head replacements, 3 line leak repairs, and 1 valve repair/replacement. Excludes plumbing repairs and controller or sensor problems.

Southern Market Maintenance Packages

Nice 'N Easy: $130

Do you just need Conserva to prepare your system for summer and winter? No problem! Our Nice ’N Easy Package is just for you at an affordable price.

Full Season: $190

Are you worried about your landscape’s health during the heat of summer? Our Full Season Package includes a mid-season inspection to ensure optimal performance all season long.

Full Season +: $250

Are you worried about your landscape’s health during the heat of summer? Our Full Season Plus Package includes two mid-season inspections to ensure optimal performance all season long.

No Worries: $550

Are you concerned about expensive repairs? For one set price, our No Worries Package includes a summerization, mid-season inspection, and winterization of your system. And, as part of the package, we’ll fix common repairs to boot.


When preparing your irrigation system for the summer months, Conserva takes special care to ensure that your common green areas stay healthy and hydrated through the heat. Our system start-up and adjustment summerization plan includes:

  • Turn on water & controller
  • Safety check of MV or Pump, if applicable
  • Program Controller to Conserve Water
  • Test Rain Sensor & all other sensors
  • Inspect and adjust all heads & nozzles
  • Complete a 12 point system analysis (SES)
  • Recommend repairs & improvements
Backflow Inspection / Mid-Season & Fall Tune-Ups

  • Backflow Inspection:
  • Licensed inspector performs required annual backflow device testing
  • Mandated paperwork is filed on your behalf
  • Mid-Season & Fall Tune-Ups:
  • Mandated paperwork is filed on your behalf
  • Visual Inspection of Backflow Device, Foot valve or check valve
  • Safety check of MV or Pump, if applicable
  • Adjust watering times according to season
  • Inspect and adjust all heads & nozzles
  • Recommend repairs & improvements

Winter can be equally rough on irrigation systems. If not properly prepared, pipes can freeze and burst, leaving your system damaged and vulnerable. Conserva’s winterization process ensures your irrigation system is ready for winter’s chill by:

  • Turn off water & controller
  • Evacuate all water from the system
  • Safety check of MV or pump, if applicable
  • Visual Inspection of Backflow Device
  • Winterize Backflow Device
  • Inspect all heads as they are winterized
  • Complete Winterization Report