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Drip Irrigation

Drip Irrigation in Magnolia

Conserving Water + Saving Money = Drip Irrigation Systems

Did you know that more than one and a half billion gallons of water go to waste from improper irrigation systems? Considering water is our most precious resource, that’s an overwhelming statistic. Fortunately, if you’re here, that means you’re also concerned about wasting water. At Conserva Irrigation of Cypress-Magnolia, we help business and homeowners find solutions for their lawns that reduces water usage while still providing planters, hedges, and gardens with the perfect amount of water. Some systems even use as little as one-fifth of a gallon of water per hour!

Some of the best benefits of drip irrigation you’ll receive are:

  • Targeted Watering: Rather than spraying leaves or petals, these systems place water droplets onto the root source. This nearly eliminates the chances of water evaporation before getting to the roots.
  • Water & Money Savings: Less water waste means less money going towards your monthly bills – enough for your system to pay for itself if you maintain it well.
  • Set & Forget It: Finally, a solution that lets you enjoy a beautiful lawn without stressing because you forgot to water everything on time.

Whether you prefer surface or subsurface drip irrigation, we’ve got you covered with careful design, installation, and maintenance. If you’re unsure which system would be best, don’t worry! We can help. Surface drip irrigation systems keep the dripline aboveground, which makes it easier to move if necessary. Subsurface, on the other hand, buries the dripline several inches below the ground for even more direct watering, but it’s not as convenient to modify should the need arise. Either system will bring you many benefits to enjoy for years.

To learn more about drip irrigation in Magnolia or to schedule a free inspection, give us a call at (832) 864-5597.