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Sprinkler Services in Grand Rapids

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There’s nothing quite as satisfying as a perfectly manicured, lush lawn. Along with vibrant greens spread evenly throughout the property. At least to us our team at Conserva Irrigation of Grand Rapids. And we might be slightly biased, but we know the game-changer comes with a smart irrigation system.

That’s because a more advanced system detects the right amount of water your lawn needs. It mimics natural rainfall to achieve the most realistic results possible.

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Optimized sprinklers mean your lawn is receiving the perfect amount of water each day, which also saves you money on your monthly bills. Irrigation runoff causes more than 1.5 billion gallons of water waste per day. Not only is this depleting a precious resource, but it also drains your wallet needlessly.

Rather than letting an old system run excess water, let our team run through a five-step process which includes:

  1. A free sprinkler system inspection to gather a System Efficiency Score (SES)
  2. Walking you through our findings and recommending critical repairs in order of importance
  3. Perform any repairs that you would like, such as optimizing placement, properly nozzling sprinkler heads, and ensuring even water distribution
  4. Replace dated components with smart retrofitting to save up to 60% of water usage
  5. Organizing a maintenance package to keep your sprinkler system at its best year-round

Our Grand Rapids Sprinkler Services

Much like any appliance or system that gets regular use, a little TLC will be necessary every so often. Home and business owners call us for sprinkler services such as:

  • Irrigation Repairs: Whether you suspect a leak, notice water runoff, or find a broken sprinkler head, we’re here to help get things back in order.
  • Summerization: We’ll help you prepare for the warmer months by turning the system back on after winter, programming the controller, testing, and inspecting everything as we work.
  • Winterization: As the days become shorter and colder, we’ll shut the water supply to your system off and blow out all the water that remains to ensure nothing freezes.
  • Mid-Season Inspection: Sometimes systems can’t survive an entire season without needing an adjustment, which we’re happy to handle for you.

For reliable sprinkler services in Grand Rapids, give us a call at (616) 202-5610.