Helpful Tips to Keep an Amazing Looking Lawn

Helpful Tips to Keep an Amazing Looking Lawn

Keep Your Lawn Looking Great with a Colorado Springs Sprinkler System

As anyone that has a great looking lawn knows that it does not come overnight and without a lot of work. Conserva Irrigation of Colorado Springs can make things a lot easier for you with the most water-efficient lawn sprinkler system available on the market. A new sprinkler system installation is the best step you can make to ensure a beautiful lawn. Get the process started today by making one, quick phone call to the irrigation system professionals from Conserva Irrigation at (719) 419-8523.

The big blue or orange box stores would have homeowners believe that more grass seed and more fertilizers make up the secret keys to the lawn of your dreams. While these elements are certainly important aspects, no fertilizer or grass seed will provide the results you desire without proper and consistent watering. A beautiful lawn is a marathon, not a sprint, by installing a Conserva sprinkler system at your Greater Colorado Springs home, you are making an investment into the beauty of your home for years to come. Homes without a sprinkler system can easily fall prey to watering errors that include too little or too much water. Take the guesswork out of watering with a sprinkler system installation from Conserva Irrigation of Colorado Springs.

Too Little Water Without a Colorado Springs Sprinkler System

I remember my grandfather dragging out the water house and attaching a movable sprinkler around the yard trying to water his lawn every summer. He was a great man, but his patience for delivering enough water to all areas of his lawn was in short order. Most people, who try to go the route of watering their own lawn often fall prey to not watering enough and providing the proper amount of water nourishment needed. While they may water very well one day, it is easy to let several days pass by before another watering event takes place. Inconsistent watering can be as bad as no watering. By installing a sprinkler system from Conserva, your lawn will consistently receive the exact water it needs every day and your lawn can look more beautiful than ever!

Too Much Water is Just as Bad as Too Little Water

Few people fail to remember that too much water is just as bad or worse than too little water when it comes to your lawn. With too much water your grass can start to get root-rot which can lead to areas of dead, brown grass. Often people automatically think these areas need more water and will manually add more water leading to even more dead grass. On average most lawns only need one inch of water per week, depending on the time of year, so more water than what your lawn actually needs will make your lawn more prone to weeds and insect infestation. At Conserva, we don’t want any of these things! Our irrigation solutions combine top-of-the-line Toro® controllers and sensors to communicate the exact water needed in every zone of your lawn depending on the existing moisture in the ground and the current weather conditions.

A sprinkler system installation from Conserva Irrigation of Colorado Springs will help you get and keep that lush, green grass that will welcome you and your family home every day. Give us a call for a free on-site consultation from our team of certified design technicians at (719) 419-8523 to learn about our full line of affordable irrigation solutions.


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