The 3 Best Ways to Avoid Costly Sprinkler System Repairs this Spring

The 3 Best Ways to Avoid Costly Sprinkler System Repairs this Spring

3 Reasons to Have Your Colorado Springs, CO Irrigation System Professionally Winterized and Restarted in The Spring

Property owners have a wealth of information these days at their fingertips that they can access any time and almost any place. From your smartphone to your home or work computers, you can simply Google your questions and have any number of responses in the DIY culture that we live in. Websites such as Youtube, DIYnetwork, and Lifehacker can give you almost instant information with step-by-step instructions for all sorts of home projects and maintenance.

These sites can be fantastic resources for small projects such as a small drywall patch job or changing your furnace filter. However, when it comes to your Colorado Springs, CO irrigation system’s winterizations or spring start-ups, then it is highly advisable that you protect your investment and leave these jobs to the professionals. The team of certified technicians at Conserva Irrigation of Colorado Springs can properly winterize and startup your Colorado Springs irrigation system and all you have to do is call 417-553-9577 to quickly schedule your sprinkler system service. Why should you let the professionals at Conserva take care of these jobs for you? It is simple, there are three main reasons why: what you don’t know can cost you, improper winterizations can lead to a required new system in the spring and your Colorado Springs, CO irrigation system needs to be checked anyway.

The Things You Don’t Know About Your Colorado Springs, CO Irrigation System Can Cost You

Your Colorado Springs, CO irrigation system may seem simple on the surface. A few water lines, sprinkler heads, sensors, and a controller. The truth is a sprinkler system is very complex and a cold Colorado Springs winter can be very hard on your system. If you decide to attempt your spring startup yourself, you are putting your investment into your system at high risk. The extended freezing temperatures and subsequent warming of the ground in early spring can lead to may problems than an untrained eye would not be able to detect. Also, if you did not have your system properly winterized then small problems in the fall can lead to major problems in the spring. Underground leaking pipes and broken sprinkler heads can result in a major hit to your wallet and bank account. Take the stress away and potential high-dollar repairs and call Conserva. We can provide a free sprinkler system inspection and properly winterize your Colorado Springs, CO irrigation system and restart it come spring.

Failing to Properly Winterize Your System Now Can Lead to Needing A New System in the Spring

As we talked about above, if you fail to have your Colorado Springs, CO irrigation system properly winterize and blown out, then you are at a high risk needing to replace your entire system when spring rolls back in. Neglecting to winterize your system with a blowout leaves standing water in your lines and once that freezing water expands then your lines, sprinkler heads and valves will bust and need to be replaced. Essentially, you will need to replace your entire system. The risk is not worth it when it is so simple to have the professionals at Conserva handle these important tasks for you.

Conserva Offers a Free 12-point Inspection of Your Colorado Springs, CO Irrigation System

Your irrigation system is more than just an investment in your residential or commercial property that helps increase the equity in your property. It also helps create a beautiful lush, green landscape that welcomes you home and customers to your business. Don’t let a broken sprinkler system cost your money while letting your landscaping suffer. We offer a FREE 12-point Colorado Springs, CO irrigation system inspection ($150 value) at no obligation for every Greater Colorado Springs, CO sprinkler system owner. Combined with our free inspection, we will also provide you with a written report that lists all needed repairs and potential upgrades along with a System Efficiency Score (SES) between 1-100. Remember, every service we offer, and sprinkler system repair we do comes with our exclusive flat-rate pricing and often can be done during the same visit as the inspection. It is truly a win-win for every property owner and for water conservation.

Want to learn more about Conserva Irrigation of Colorado Springs can help save water and save money with an ultra-water efficient irrigation system? Give us a call at 419-8523 or email us at to speak with a team member about our full-line of smart irrigation solutions. We look forward to hearing from you!