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Start enjoying your yard with one of Conserva Irrigation’s packaged service plans, designed to extend the life of your sprinkler system while reducing your water bill. Need an irrigation system installed? Conserva has you covered with a custom-designed system featuring the latest in water conservation technologies.

Our Residential Maintenance Packages

Nice ’N Easy

  • Summerization
  • Winterization

Do you just need Conserva to prepare your system for summer and winter? No problem! Our Nice ’N Easy Package is just for you at an affordable price.

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Full Season

  • Summerization
  • Mid-Season Inspection
  • Winterization

Are you worried about your landscape’s health during the heat of summer? Our Full Season Package includes a mid-season inspection to ensure optimal performance all season long.

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No Worries

  • Summerization
  • Mid-Season Inspection
  • Winterization
  • Common repairs* included

Are you concerned about expensive repairs? For one set price, our No Worries Package includes a summerization, mid-season inspection, and winterization of your system. And, as part of the package, we’ll fix common repairs to boot.

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Southern Market Maintenance Packages

The Four Seasons

4 service visits with a package bonus of one extra for 5 total

Bi-Monthly Service

6 service visits with a package bonus of one extra for 7 total

Monthly Service

12 service visits with a package bonus of one extra for 13 total

Common repairs include 10 head replacements, 3 lateral line leak repairs, 3 valve repairs/replacements. Excludes plumbing repairs and controller or sensor problems

Conserva Service.
It’s built into every maintenance package.

Each of our residential maintenance packages features several comprehensive service offerings that provide routine care and maintenance for your home’s sprinkler system. Learn more about these services in order to choose the package that’s right for you.


When getting your sprinkler system ready for the summer, Conserva takes special care to ensure that your lawn stays healthy and hydrated through the heat. When we summerize your irrigation system, we:

  • Turn on water and controller
  • Program controller to conserve water and optimize root development zone by zone
  • Test all sensors
  • Inspect and adjust all heads
  • Complete a full system efficiency analysis
  • Flag all problem areas and report them to you
  • Cut out grass around all heads to allow for optimal water coverage

Mid-Season Inspection

Are your summers sweltering? We can help with that! Our mid-season inspection will help your lawn stay beautiful and lush, no matter how hot it gets. When we come out to perform your inspection, we’ll:

  • Inspect and adjust all heads
  • Adjust watering times zone by zone according to seasonality and root development
  • Flag all problem areas and report them to you


Winter is rough for irrigation systems. If not properly prepared, pipes can freeze and burst, leaving your system ruined. Conserva’s winterization process will make sure your irrigation system is ready for winter’s chill by:

  • Turning off water and controller
  • Inspecting all heads
  • Evacuating all water from the system
  • Winterizing vacuum breaker
  • Completing a winterization system report

Residential Installation

At Conserva Irrigation, we understand that system design and specification are key to the success of your sprinkler system. Our residential systems are designed specifically to employ the latest water conservation technologies available in order to save valuable resources — both precious water and money. Every component we use is selected specifically to deliver the right amount of water at precisely the right time.

Additionally, the systems are designed to match your lawn’s topography — taking into consideration precipitation rate, percolation rate, type of soil, slope, and sun and shade.

With a sprinkler system designed by Conserva, you’ll use 40%-60% less water than a traditional sprinkler system, and you’ll have a beautiful green landscape to boot!

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