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The Most Trusted Irrigation Spring Startup for The Woodlands, Spring, and All of North Texas

As the risk for freezing temperatures comes to an end for the season, everyone is thinking about their spring lawn and landscape honey-dos. Among fertilization, mulching, planting annuals, and spreading weed prevention is starting up your sprinkler system for the season. Commonly known as irrigation start-up service, we also call it summerization.

You might think, “how hard can it be? I just turn the system back on, and we’re ready to roll.”Conserva Irrigation Specialist installing a start-up service for a residential home

However, if you do that, you could be in for some unpleasant surprises that could result in a slow or late start for your lawn and landscape’s best season (before the summer heat sets in.)

There are a few risky scenarios if you decide to start your irrigation system up on your own:

  1. Above ground damages such as cracks, broken sprinkler heads, or a cracked pressure vacuum breaker, that occurred over winter, could cause an immediate geyser and hundreds of gallons of water wasted.
  2. Hidden leaks could go undetected. Undetected leaks can go for months without being seen or felt. Then, you suddenly have a dead patch that was not receiving proper nourishment. Or you have a soggy, mucky, moldy spot that begins to wither and rot. And you’ll spend more on your water bill with no return on that investment to be seen in your landscape.
  3. You could program the water to run more than it needs to. Over-watering is much more prevalent than under-watering among irrigation system owners.

Why Choose a Profession Irrigation Company for Spring Irrigation Start-Up?

When you choose Conserva Irrigation of North Houston, you’re getting the professionals on your side, setting you up for the most beautiful lawn and landscape this season. When our experts start-up your sprinkler system this spring, you’ll get:

  • A full system inspection.
  • Turn on the water.
  • Start-up the controller and program accordingly. (keeping in mind your local water restrictions)
  • Test all sensors.
  • Inspect all sprinkler heads.
  • Flag all problem areas.
  • Report problems to you with a flat-rate quote for repairs.

Frequently, we can complete common repairs on the spot so your lawn and landscape won’t miss a day of water this spring.

So, when should you schedule your sprinkler system start-up? The answer is NOW! Call us today. Our expert team knows the best time to get your system up and running for the season and will schedule a convenient time and day for you that fits perfectly into the weather and the start of the spring growing season.

Contact us today and learn more about our irrigation services.